Welcoming its first guests back in 1989, The Peligoni Club has slowly evolved from a small sailing shack on the peaceful coastline of Northern Zakynthos swaddled by cypress and olive groves, into a chic barefoot beach club that still beholds all its charm.


Founders, Vanessa Goldie and Johnny Alexander, discovered this magical corner of north Zakynthos when the island was bereft of roads and there were just a few stone cottages with only goats for neighbours. Sailing around Greece, they dropped anchor and decided to stay. After many summers of friends and family visiting again and again, the word spread to friends of friends and soon enough, The Peligoni Club was born.

2000s – Now

The Shearer family, who had been coming to Peligoni since the mid 90s after falling in love with its simplicity and laid back lifestyle, took over in 2005. It was important to them to sustain the club’s bohemian roots and preserve the magic that had drawn them there from the beginning. Over time, Peligoni has slowly evolved into a chic barefoot beach club that still beholds all its charm. 



We are a small, family-run business that values quality over quantity, with food, fitness and wellness at the core. Coming together and connecting with other guests, whether at one of our long table feasts or out on the water, is an important part of the Peligoni experience and we hope our little Greek island nook is the perfect place to forget the trappings of modern life and rediscover the true meaning and benefits of a summer holiday.



To ensure the club never gets too crowded, access to Peligoni is by means of a weekly membership which must be acquired for everybody in advance of your arrival.

There is no accommodation at the club. Instead, the hillside is dotted with our carefully curated selection of villas, cottages and B&Bs. All accommodation must be booked through Peligoni, either online or over the phone.


From mid-May til the end of October, our season sees families with kids and teenagers alike making a multitude of memories during the school holidays, whilst groups of friends or those with pre-schoolers looking for a Greek island escape tend to immerse themselves in club life during the months of June, September and October. Head to our Calendar to see which is the best time for you to visit.


In order to purchase weekly membership, your accommodation must be booked through Peligoni. You can easily search for accommodation here and when reserving online, please make sure you fill in the amount of guests in order to add the correct amount of memberships to your booking. We have a live chat on our website and our sales team are easily contactable during working hours, Monday to Friday should you have any questions.