Rugrats & Rascals

Children aged four and five, who are either just about to start Reception year or who have just completed Reception year can join either the Rugrats activities or full day care with the Rascals. Run by Peligoni staff, they will have their own activity schedule for a jam-packed day of fun.


Childcare for Rugrats is 4 hours per day, 7 days a week. These are set times which will be determined upon arrival at the club but they do tend to be 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Activities include;

Junk Jewellery Making
T-Shirt Painting
Beach Ball Tennis
Milkshake Madness
Pool Splash About
Peli Explorers
Sports Day

View sample Rugrats agenda


Additionally, children aged 4 or 5 who are either just about to start Reception year or who have just completed Reception year can also join the Rascals. This means they will be in the care of our childcare team from 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week. Rascals will join Rugrats activities and then have childcare in between those hours with lunch included.

Please speak to the sales team about availability and pricing.

View sample Rugrats agenda

In-Villa Babysitting

Available every night of the week, our babysitting team can come to your villa to take care of the children so you can enjoy an evening to yourself.


Children aged 4 months to 2 years old will be looked after by a crèche nanny.

Children aged 3 years and over will be looked after by a DBS checked or equivalent trained member of staff.


For under 2’s there will be 2 children per babysitter

For over 3’s there will be 3 children per babysitter


18€ booking fee and 15€ per hour paid directly to the babysitters in cash. Please note, there is a 45€ cancellation fee when babysitting is cancelled within 24 hours.

Things To Note

  • A minimum of 3 hours is required.
  • No service after 12:30 am.
  • Older children will be looked after by our trained DBS checked staff. If you would still like a qualified nanny we will do our best to provide one but won’t be able to guarantee this.
  • Babysitters can be booked to be at your villa from 7:30pm onwards. Please note the babysitter will aim to arrive between 7:30pm and 8:30pm as the flexibility allows us to facilitate as many babysitters as possible. We will do our best to stick to desired times.
  • Guests may request up to two nights babysitting before your holiday and we will endeavour to confirm on arrival.


Evenings For Families

Evenings at Peligoni are a social affair. So whether you want a quiet drink at the bar, late supper with friends or to lose hours on the dance-floor, our evening activities for your children and teens allow you to do just that.


During Peak Season we offer a variety of evening activities for children aged 4 and over. Please see a sample itinerary below.


The return of our famous Party Nights will see those aged 16+ dine at long tables in The Courtyard. Under 16s have their own long table at our Courtyard feast and TARKA get up to all sorts of mischief with those aged 4+ yrs in the crèche.


Join us in The Courtyard for food stalls followed by music and dancing, a fun night for all. Sharky & George will host a party for those aged 4+ yrs.


During low season, the crèche will be open during Guest Chef Events and on Friday evenings from 7pm – 11pm for evening care for children aged 4+ yrs. This will be a chilled evening with a movie. The service is free of charge and dinner is not provided.

Please note, parents must remain at the club during all times that children are participating in the evening activities and some activities will incur a small charge. For children under 4 yrs, in-villa babysitting is available every night upon request. Advance booking is required.

What’s In It For Parents?

Be it a spa treatment, game of tennis, dip in the sea, or a snooze in the sun, the time in which your kids or teens are engaged in our activities is your time to make the most of club before meeting up with your brood for some family holiday moments.

Booking Your Family Holiday

A Peligoni holiday consists of two elements, booking a weekly membership for everyone in your group and booking a villa from our collection near the club. Discover more about how it all works here.