Learning Through Movement for 6 – 10 Year Olds

TARKA run developmental activities that encourage kids to fall in love with being active and feel fulfilment, by offering them the tools to do so. With innovative games that put real-life skills into practice, time with TARKA is all about movement, making friends, immersive learning, and fostering those long-lasting family holiday memories.

Kids Activities 7 Days A Week

During May Half Term, October Half Term, July and August, TARKA will be joining us at the club to host kids activity sessions seven days a week, ensuring your kids get the most out of their Peligoni holiday. For parents, the daily iPad tug-of-war will become a distant memory, as your children rediscover their imagination and the joys of being outdoors, allowing them to get the most out of their Peligoni holiday.

Holiday Boredom Be Gone!

TARKA will host two groups (6-8 year olds and 9-10 year olds) each morning from 9am until 12 noon, and between Monday and Thursday, there will be additional afternoon sessions from 3pm until 5pm. They will also host evening parties on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The morning sessions will be split into two one and a half hour activities, so kids can either join for the full three hours or just choose to opt in for one half of the session.


Unleash your child’s potential with TARKA’s developmental exercise-based programmes. Their experienced instructors inspire children to stay active, overcome challenges, and make new friends. TARKA help set kids up for success through expert care that develops their physical, emotional and social skills. By championing military values in their offerings, they ensure your children are learning essentials skills for life: respect, confidence, independence and teamwork.

The Founder

TARKA was founded in 2016 by Rufus Gordon-Dean, after leaving the Household Cavalry. The creation of TARKA stems from Rufus' love of exercise, which he believes is the key to happiness, a positive mental state, your physical well-being and your outlook on life. He wanted to imbue this into young children, who are increasingly sedentary and living their lives in front of screens.


From studying the approach of Scandinavian countries in how they educate their young and their pioneering leadership in early years education, Rufus created TARKA.

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The Activities

Through interactive activities that encourage movement to immersive pirate competitions on the pontoon, each activity with TARKA will have a different theme to keep things fun, engaging and exciting. At the end of every session, they'll be a wind down time where kids will focus on breathwork and stretching – a core part of the TARKA experience.



6 – 8 year olds

Pirates of Peligoni

Captain Jack Sparrow, the worst pirate you’ve ever heard of is looking for some new crew members, namely your children! The children must craft their ship with Tarka’s Quadro construction kit. In the pool, they’ll face relay races with escalating handicaps and obstacles. Cryptic clues at the pool’s bottom will challenge them to think creatively in their quest for treasure.

California Kickball

Children will gear up for a thrilling game of California Kickball, a twist on the classic favorite. They’ll kick and dodge their way through an exciting match, aiming to score runs while evading fielders. With its unique blend of soccer and baseball elements, California Kickball promises fast-paced action and endless fun.

Poseidon Pool Party

The children will engage in a variety of swimming pool games, including a relay race, tightrope walking, cannonball and diving contests, and a fun game of rock-paper-scissors with pool plunges for losers. It’s sure to be an action-packed aquatic adventure!

Beach Bench Balls

The children will be playing an exciting game of bench ball, with two teams going head to head to take out the other side with our dodgeballs. The next game will be a free for all, with the children vying to be the last person standing and avoid the three deadly balls aiming for them. Finally, a game of soccer to test the footwork of the children in an exciting game of corner ball and see which team reigns supreme.


9 – 10 year olds

Cannons Ahoy

After uncovering pirate treasure and enjoying treats, it’s time for our young buccaneers to gear up for more fun! They’ll design their own flags, Jolly Rogers, and pick a swashbuckling crew name. Split into teams, they’ll play dodgeball with a twist, aiming to knock down Lego block “ship health” or eliminate opponents. Adding to the excitement, they’ll engage in a thrilling game of “Pirate Plank Walk,” where they balance on narrow beams over “shark-infested” waters, testing their agility and nerves as they race to reach the end without falling.

Major Meltdown

The children will embark on an icy adventure with Major Meltdown as they tackle a series of thrilling challenges. They’ll kick off with “Team Time Trials,” racing against the clock to complete obstacles and evade icy traps. Next, they’ll join forces in the “Dragon Race,” linking arms and legs as they navigate a treacherous icy course. Then, they’ll channel their inner pirates in the “Pirate Ship Game,” working together to defend their vessel from icy invaders. Finally, they’ll rev up their engines for the “Speed Way,” zooming across the frozen landscape in a high-speed relay races to the finish line. Get ready for an epic freeze-filled expedition!

Lost Peligoni Legion

The children will create their own swords and shields to reenact epic battles as Roman legionnaires. Using construction equipment, they’ll craft a miniature city of Rome. Split into teams, they’ll engage in an exciting battle where they hurl dodgeballs and water balloons to attack the opposing team’s base while defending their own with shields, immersing themselves in thrilling ancient warfare.

Aquatic Athletics

The children will dive into an exhilarating pool obstacle course, navigating through hoops, tunnels, and floating obstacles. They’ll then battle it out in a lively game of “King of the Pontoon”, vying for dominance on a floating platform. Next, they’ll follow the leader’s lead in a synchronized swimming routine, showcasing their teamwork and coordination. Adding to the excitement, they’ll engage in a thrilling game of “Noodle Joust,” balancing on pool noodles while attempting to knock opponents off. Get ready for a splashing good time!

Party Nights

Evenings at Peligoni are a social affair. So, when you want some adults-only time, whether it's a quiet drink at the bar or a late supper with friends, our party nights for kids allow you to do just that whilst ensuring youngsters are getting the most out of their summer holiday too.


During half terms and the summer holidays, we offer a variety of evening activities for children aged 4 and over. Please see a sample itinerary below.


The return of our famous Party Nights will see teens dine at long tables in The Courtyard for a feast and TARKA get up to all sorts of mischief with those aged 4+ yrs in the crèche.


Join us in The Courtyard for food stalls followed by music and dancing, a fun night for all. TARKA will host a party for those aged 4+ yrs.

Please note, parents must remain at the club during all times that children are participating in the evening activities and some activities will incur a small charge. For children under 4 yrs, in-villa babysitting is available every night upon request. Advance booking is required. This agenda is subject to change.

Booking your family holiday

A Peligoni holiday consists of two elements, booking a weekly membership for everyone in your group and booking a villa from our collection near the club. All children's activities are included with their membership. Discover more about what's on during the school holidays in our Calendar.