Workshops at PACE will awaken your curious mind, teach you a new skill and give you an opportunity to exercise a spot of mindfulness. We want you to be able to take away physical memories from your time at Peligoni and our workshops, activities and watersports give you just that opportunity. Be it a creative class, inspiring talk, or an hour learning to sail on the water, take a moment to expand your horizons and sharpen your skillset.

Explore last year’s line-up below.




Bella is an artist based in Brighton who runs workshops and retreats that centre around mindfulness and creativity. She makes learning to draw fun, accessible and open to all, and her holistic approach promotes self-awareness and self-confidence. Bella believes that everyone has the power to enjoy the creative process and discover their own expression.


At PACE, Bella will be hosting a series of life drawing workshops and painting classes. Bella believes that the unique context of drawing the nude figure invites us to develop a sense of gratitude for our own bodies.

Life Drawing 1: Morning Art & Colour

Ease into the day with a relaxing drawing workshop focused on creativity and colour. Explore a range of materials and enjoy the mindful process of mark making as you draw the human form. The class will focus on an expressive use of colour which has the power to promote self-expression and imagination.

Life Drawing 2: Afternoon Art & Creativity

Connect with your inner child in this fun and freeing life drawing class. The perfect way to relax and unwind in the afternoon, with a cold drink in one hand and a stick of charcoal in the other.

Life Drawing 3: Evening Art & Consciousness

A mindful workshop that will help you feel more connected, calm and conscious as you explore your own sense of self through drawing the human form. Join Bella for a unique life drawing class which explores the therapeutic benefits of art and creativity.

Still Life Drawing

Create your own still life drawing using a range of drawing materials: pencils, posca pens and fineliners. There will be a colourful and inspiring still life composition for you to draw.

Landscape Painting

Join Bella for an exciting landscape painting adventure! You will learn to compose a landscape, sketch the composition and use watercolour paints to create a lovely piece to remember your stay on this magical island.



Camilla’s style has a focus on healthy-looking skin; her minimal approach enhances natural beauty with subtle techniques. Believing that the skin is a reflection of our internal wellbeing, Camilla writes for publications including Country & Town House and Well Curated on how to achieve a healthy mind and body.


During PACE, Camilla will unveil the secrets to achieving radiant skin through her comprehensive makeup masterclasses, available in both group and private sessions.

Makeup Masterclass

Makeup artist Camilla Hewitt shows you how to get glowing skin.

Well Curated Pop-Up

Camilla and Kate, the founders of the lifestyle publication, Well Curated (a biannual lifestyle publication offering editorial content that has a positive take on the way we live and shop), will be showcasing their tried and tested products, tools, and techniques to promote health and wellbeing. Stop by to try them for yourselves.

Makeup 1-2-1

Bookable 30-minute makeup classes. Bring your makeup bag along, and Camilla will advise you on how to make the most of your products and promote health-looking skin.

60€ per 30-minute session



Fashion photographer, yoga instructor and co-founder of Well Curated, Kate’s knowledge spans fashion, fitness, beauty, food and travel.


At PACE, Kate will be hosting an expressive movement workshop and a pop-up alongside her co-founder of the Well Curated lifestyle publication, Camilla.

Well Curated Movement

Kate will incorporate classical yoga flow with pilates and expressive movement, all to a rousing soundtrack.

Well Curated Pop-Up

The founders of the lifestyle publication, Well Curated, showcase their tried and tested products, tools, and techniques to promote health and wellbeing. Stop by to try them for yourselves.



Tash has worked as an Executive Coach for over seven years with a focus on creating “”leaders who coach””. She partners with individuals and teams to help them embed coaching skills in their working practices, enabling people to communicate more authentically, be clear on what they are committed to, and take more action in the world. She has had the privilege of working with some great businesses including SnapChat, Bumble and SquareSpace, TikTok and Netflix. Her main coaching philosophy boils down to the fact that she always gets people to where they need to go, always.


At PACE, Tash will be hosting an inspirational talk on how to maintain your fitness goals.

How To Make Fitness Goals & Keep Them

This will focus on exploring how big your commitment to yourself and your wellbeing really is, what beliefs hold you back from going the extra mile, and what actions you can take around the discipline of scheduling exercise time. Expect to walk away filled with a renewed sense of energy and purpose when it comes to looking after yourself.




Lifestyle publication Well Curated offers editorial content that has a positive take on the way we live and shop.

Covering fashion, fitness, beauty, travel, and food, the magazine features products and pursuits that promote a healthy mind and body. During PACE, the founders of Well Curated will showcase their tried and tested products, tools, and techniques. Stop by to try them for yourselves.


During PACE, the founders of Well Curated will showcase their tried and tested products, tools, and techniques. Stop by to try them for yourselves.


Founded in 2020 by best-friends Rohan & Fabian on the notion that it shouldn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to drinking, Quarter’s delicious lower strength, award-winning spirits are expertly crafted at 12% ABV, making them the perfect choice for a modern drinker, allowing you to enjoy the buzz without the blur.

At PACE, founders Rohan & Fabian will be hosting cocktail masterclasses where you will explore the taste of Quarter’s spirits and conjure up some of their signature cocktails. Quarter will also be partnering with Peligoni to provide a bespoke drinks menu for PACE guests to enjoy during the week.


Watersports is a huge part of The Peligoni Club experience. Paddleboarding and kayaking are included with your PACE ticket which includes tuition and equipment. If you are interested in doing any windsurfing and sailing, or motorised watersports, this will incur an additional cost. Read more about watersports here.


After a day of fitness, yoga, meditation and watersports, enjoy a feast and cocktails in The Courtyard whilst our resident DJs and live bands perform some eclectic sets and chill out beats. A chance to sit back, relax and reconnect with others.


For £480, a PACE ticket includes a week’s membership to the club, paddleboarding, kayaking, all the fitness and yoga classes, meditation and wellness workshops and a complimentary daily driver service.


Accommodation for PACE must be booked through Peligoni. We have a range of beautiful villas and cottages to choose from. You can view available accommodation and book online here, or if you have any further questions about PACE, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch.