22nd – 26th May 2023

Kickstart the summer with Peligoni’s wellness week that balances fitness and mindfulness with feasts, creative workshops, social gatherings and more.


About PACE

PACE is a laidback week that balances fitness and mindfulness with feasts, creative workshops, social gatherings and more. It's about bringing together a great group of people in our beautiful Greek island setting for a host of experiences designed to leave you feeling nourished physically, mentally and emotionally. It's a holiday centred around you and that can be taken at its own pace, ideal for the likes of parents or groups of friends seeking to reconnect and kickstart the summer.

Food & Nutrition at PACE

With food being at the epicentre of most people’s holidays, we know that it’s important to get it right. With a focus on health, nutrition and lifestyle our Guest Chefs will be hosting delicious feasts, cooking demonstrations and workshops throughout the week.

2022 LINE-UP


Successful model of the 90’s turned nutritionist, founder of the 5 Day Plan, co-founder of Pure Filth, author, writer and Mum of three beautiful girls, Rose has always had an interest in what food can do for you. For PACE 2022, Rose hosted a delicious cooking demo showing you how to make quick and easy healthy snacks and an energising brunch with a green juice in tow.



In 2004 at the age of 24, brothers Dave and Steve Flynn started The Happy Pear – a fruit and vegetable shop with the aim to create a happier, healthier world, and build a community. The Happy Pear now has 60 vegan food products in nearly 1,000 stores in Ireland, 2 cafés, a farm, a coffee roastery and a sourdough bakery. They’ve also sold 1/4 million cook books, including 5 no.1 best sellers, and have 7 online health and lifestyle courses for which they partnered with plant based doctors and experts from across the globe. For PACE 2022, The Happy Pear showed us exactly why we should live abundantly, by hosting a plant based feast and a cooking demo showing you how to make delicious vegan food in minutes.



Over the last 9 years Detox Kitchen have built a cult following both online and at their cafés in central London. They are one of the UK’s best loved health brands with a global online following. As CEO, Lily leads her team in challenging the fast-food industry by producing food that is both convenient and nutritious without compromising on taste. Their recipe and nutrition content is consumed and shared around the world. As well as delivering meals directly to consumers’ homes, Detox Kitchen also stocks in Selfridges and Planet Organic. For PACE 2022, the Detox Kitchen took over Tasi with a mouth watering lunch-time deli menu made from the freshest ingredients. Detox Kitchen create food that works with your body, not against it. This is food that works to improve your gut diversity and in turn your overall health and wellbeing.



Sisters Megan and Georgia Salamat both share a love of food, travel and culture and used that passion to create The Açaí Girls – a brand that shuns modern day diet culture and focuses on the micronutrient benefits that food can provide. They believe that in order to be the best version of yourself and live a high performance lifestyle, you have to nourish yourself correctly. For PACE 2022, The Açaí Girls hosted a delightful açaí bowl pop up as well as a Mexican inspired evening feast using nutrient-dense foods packed full of antioxidants.



Hosted by Serena Louth and Sarah Malcolm, Kitchen Club is the podcast that brings you honest, topical conversations from around the kitchen table. For PACE 2022, Kitchen Club hosted two talks with Rose Ferguson, Lily from The Detox Kitchen and The Happy Pear to give our guests a deeper insight into our contributors lives and why they love working within the food and wellness industry. Alongside this, Serena and Sarah also host a very special evening of slow flow yoga, deep relaxation meditation, conscious connection and a nourishing mediterranean feast, bringing balance to your body, mind and soul.

Kitchen Club

Mindfulness & Wellbeing at PACE

Opportunities to switch off whilst on a Greek island are important. With an emphasis on meditation workshops, breath-work sessions, and massages by the sea, there’s no denying that you’ll be able to relax and reset during the week.

2022 LINE-UP


Richie Norton is an ex-rugby player turned human performance coach, yoga teacher, XPT Master Trainer and Founder of The Strength Temple. For PACE 2022, Richie hosted three breathwork workshops to improve your breathing mechanics, mobility, flexibility and functional strength.



Aodhnait’s background is a combination of neuroscience, performance athletics and biomechanics. For PACE 2022, Aodhnait and a member of her team hosted three 3hr workshops, focusing on breathing, cold exposure and mindset.

Curiosity Connection


For PACE 2022, Rob Da Bank hosted three Learn to Meditate workshops. Not only does this give you a basic knowledge of meditation and but it also left you with the ability to practise on your own. Rob teaches the One Giant Mind technique which is an effortless, easy to learn technique and could well result in lower stress levels, less anxiety, health benefits, better communication in relationships, increased energy and ability to focus more.

Rob da Bank


Emma Lucy Knowles is a Clairvoyant and intuitive hands on healer, crystal reader, meditation teacher and author. For PACE 2022, Emma hosted three crystal healing workshops and meditation sessions.



For PACE 2022, Sam from IO Sound Project held guided sound meditation using gongs, singing bowls, mantra and visualisation techniques to help you truly let go.

IO Project


OTO was founded by husband and wife team, Gemma Colao and James Bagley, who set up California’s first legal online CBD dispensary. For PACE 2022, OTO held one-to-one CBD sessions as well as gave a CBD cocktail masterclass for those interested in the healing powers of CBD.



MASAJ is a contemporary brand designed to combat the negative effects of city living. For PACE 2022, they held a week long pop up, allowing you to have a restorative massage by the Ionian Sea.


Cycling, Tennis & Fitness at PACE

Kickstart your summer with our high intensity fitness, cycling and tennis programme. In collaboration with our partners Oyogo, we have sourced some of the best instructors to whip you back in shape and expect none other than world-renowned experts to put you through your paces in cycling and tennis. Prepare to work hard and leave feeling amazing.

2022 LINE-UP


For PACE 2022, Sir Chris Hoy MBE, multiple world and Olympic champion track cyclist, hosted 3 separate rides across the PACE week. Chris is one of Britain’s most successful Olympic athletes, with six gold medals and one silver to his name. There is nothing quite like cycling with one of the most successful Olympic male cyclists of all time.


A fun, sweaty, high-intensity workout based on cardio, conditioning and strengthening. Designed as a total body workout, this class mixes short, hard work sections interspersed with rest periods which will leave you energised and ready for the day ahead.


This class will focus on building heat and intensity through cardio intervals mixed with running sprints to get that all over body workout. Let our expert trainer put you through your paces on hill sprints and circuits – challenging yet satisfying.


Double trouble! Join our master trainers Dottie & Mark to be challenged to the max in our combo class. Working through various circuit stations and using a mix of body weight and weighted moves to get a full body workout. Follow up the class with a well deserved cocktail!


Stretch to strengthen – this class is designed to increase openness and build strength within those larger muscle groups to leave you feeling strong and mobile. Expect some stretching and mobility teamed with a sweaty workout!


Cardio Barre burn is a high energy, full body Barre class that will lift your heart rate and get you feeling the burn with this mix of dance, cardio, small free weights and Barre moves. Barre is a great way to focus on alignment as you move through micro moves and pulses to build strength and stability.


This focuses on a variety of strengthening and toning exercises which focus on making you stronger, fitter and leaner, whilst developing your balance, coordination and posture.


Join Mark to master your squat and deadlift technique and game! This mini workshop and workout is all about refinding form and alignment to achieve those fitness goals. A fun interaction one – not to be missed!


Based around barre and pilates principles is a high energy, full body class that will lift your heart rate and get you feeling the burn with this mix of toning and pulsing moves. A great way to focus on alignment as you move through micro moves and pulses to build strength and stability.


At PACE 2022, our astroturf courts were well-used. As they open up after a winter of hibernation, what better way to start off than a few hours a day of some fantastic coaching. Our programme will include cardio tennis, technical workshops, group tennis lessons and coaching – the perfect opportunity to get that tennis game back up to scratch before the summer.


Challenge your resilience and test your fitness with Core Collective’s triathlon hosted by head trainer, Carl van Heerden. To get you ready, Carl will be running daily 45 minute circuit training sessions designed to build strength and endurance, including running intervals, bodyweight movements and open water swim drills. Core Collective, the top London fitness Studies, help people to achieve their fitness goals in inspiring studio spaces with expert trainers. Their classes and workout programmes are devised to help you improve your fitness, and feel good while doing it. All their studios are architect-designed, state-of-the-art spaces, to inspire you to get the most out of your workout.

Yoga & Pilates at PACE

A chance to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the everyday and take time out to focus on you. Work across the week at your own pace through a multi-disciplinary offering of exciting wellness classes, workshops and events with the Oyogo team trainers, helping you to discover new ways of moving, breathing and connecting with your mind, body and soul.

2022 LINE-UP


Take time to calm the body and the mind, with your chilled Yin Yoga session. Deep stretching, breath-work and meditation will help you unwind and refresh, leaving your body relaxed and your mind calm and clear.


Mandala Yoga is based around exploring the four elements to bring better self connection and grounding. Work towards rebalancing and grounding the body and mind in our Water mandala yoga flow, while you move around the mat and work deep into the hips & groin release tension and stress.


Set on the decks as dusk starts to set in, our Slow Flow class is an opportunity for you to find some time to explore and move into those spaces in the body and self that need some extra attention. A calm and steady breath-lead vinyasa flow with slightly more floor based postures, will give you slightly more time to work into asana postures and leave you feeling refreshed and de- stressed.


An energising and steady breath-lead vinyasa flow, giving you time and space to explore and move into those spac- es in the body that need some attention. Simply moving with intention, creating body and mind awareness and creating great self awareness in this moving meditation.


Ever wanted to try a Yoga inversion posture or wanting to refine your form and technique, well this is the perfect space to explore, experiment and work towards mastering your inversion and arm balance posture.


Improve your overall flexibility, alignment and core strength. Different positions and movements combined with body weight and props makes for a fantastic form of exercise. Tune your posture, focus on your stabiliser muscles and help protect your body with the brilliant classes.


The mobility session is all about resetting an overworked body. Work through mobility and opening movements to find some additional space in the body. Perfect session for runners or people who do a lot of high intensity physical activity.


For PACE 2022, we also partnered with VARLEY. Varley creates contemporary-wear and active collections, designed to elevate your everyday. Clothes that give you the quiet confidence, to live your life on your terms.

Workshop & Activities at PACE

It’s not all about exhausting every hour in a class. We want you to be able to take away physical memories from your time at Peligoni and our workshops give you just that opportunity. Workshops at PACE will awaken your curious mind, teach you a new skill and give you an opportunity to exercise a spot of mindfulness.

Evenings at PACE

After a day of fitness, yoga, meditation and watersports, enjoy a feast and cocktails in The Courtyard whilst our resident DJs and live bands perform some eclectic sets and chill out beats. A chance to sit back, relax and reconnect with others.

PACE Tickets & Information

For £400, guests will receive a week’s membership to the club, a full watersports upgrade which includes paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing along with all the fitness and yoga classes, meditation and wellness workshops.


Accommodation for PACE must be booked through Peligoni. We have a range of beautiful villas and cottages to choose from. You can view available accommodation and book online here, or if you have any further questions about PACE, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch.