A chance to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the everyday and take time out to focus on you. Work across the week at your own pace with our knowledgeable Oyogo instructors and discover new ways of moving, breathing and connecting.




Puravi is a registered yoga, breathwork, meditation and holistic women’s health coach. Her classes are a blend of vinyasa and restorative, allowing you to find stillness in the movement and depth in the grounding practices. Puravi’s classes embody a playfulness and ease that help to encourage your practice whilst meeting you where you are.


Throughout the week, Puravi will be hosting the following classes at PACE.

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

Puravi will lead you through a dynamic and steady breath-lead dynamic flow class, giving you time and space to explore and reconnect. Expect a fast-paced, sweaty class with an opportunity to create self awareness in this moving meditation.

Slow Flow Yoga

A calming escape of breath-led yoga with a focus on intentional movement and more floor-based postures to leave feeling grounded.

Yin Yoga

This class will be about ten poses held for two to four minutes, mainly floor based with gravity doing all the work so you can release, let go and go deeper into those closed off areas.

Vinyasa Yoga

This flow class combines powerful postures to help build confidence. Expect a moderate class with the opportunity to get a little sweaty as well as recover during slower flows and deep stretches. Walk away feeling reset and ready to take on anything!

Power Yoga

You will be led through a strong and challenging Power Yoga class that aims to build warmth and strength within the body while creating some calm in the mind. Ideal for those who prefer a less flowing class and more static holds and strength work.



With a focus on mind-body connection, Gen’s approach to Barre fitness will have you working stronger and more effectively, getting the most out of each of your sessions. She’ll put you through your paces while making sure you enjoy every single moment, keeping things light hearted and being your best cheerleader.


Throughout the week, Gen will be hosting the following classes at PACE.

Power Barre
Strength-infused barre classes where the gritty determination of strength training meets the grace of a barre class. Expect classic barre sequences alongside functional, strength training exercises to help you build your strongest body yet.

Energise & Empower
Endorphin-boosting classes that will put a pep in your step for the rest of the day. These are cardio-inspired classes where the impact is generally kept low but the vibes and intensity are high. These classes pack a punch and will get you feeling fitter, faster and stronger.

Move to Improve
Enhance your overall movement ability with these classes designed to improve your overall strength and stability. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, these classes are designed to promote balance, core strength, mobility and overall function.

Ballet-inspired Barre
Taking its inspiration from the strength and conditioning training of ballet dancers, this class focuses on strong and graceful movements.

Deep Core: Connect & Strengthen
This class will help you unlock the secret to your strongest workouts by helping you connect with your deep core muscles and strengthen them.

Mind & Body Fitness: Barre & Strength Flow
Combining powerful endurance-focused movement with strong and intentional stretches. These classes are here to help you focus on your mind as much as your body and unlock the power of intentional movement.

Cardio-Barre & Burn
A high energy, full body barre class that will lift your heart rate through dynamic dance moves, small free weights and pulses.



For £400, a PACE ticket includes a week’s membership to the club, paddleboarding, kayaking, all the fitness and yoga classes, meditation and wellness workshops and a complimentary daily driver service.


Accommodation for PACE must be booked through Peligoni. We have a range of beautiful villas and cottages to choose from. You can view available accommodation and book online here, or if you have any further questions about PACE, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch.