The Ski Pass

Our new motorised watersports offering, The Ski Pass, is designed to get you more time on the water for less.

A New Motorised Watersports Offering From The Peligoni Club

An exciting offering for both the experienced rider and the total novice, The Ski Pass is the newest addition to our watersports upgrades, designed to get you having as much adrenaline-fuelled fun you could possibly dream of.

The Ski Pass | Our New Watersports Offering

Our Ski Pass has been designed to inspire beginners to go from zero to hero in a week and to give seasoned skiers or boarders as much time on the water as possible, for as little as possible.

The Ski Pass has also been created for families and groups of friends so they can experience the fun of learning to water ski or wakeboard together (and make plenty of holiday memories!)

How The Ski Pass Works

1. Simply pre-pay for a pass in the London office
2 adults & up to 4 children
Up to six people 
2. Then book your 15-minute sessions for only 10€, reduced from 45€
*Passes cannot be transferred. Maximum 12 tows per week per individual pass, 24 tows per week for the family and group passes. Age restrictions apply. Does not include inflatables. Please ensure you have read our Cancellation Policy before booking.

Equipment & Tuition

The water ski and wakeboard team operates from 7am every morning to take advantage of the very best conditions Zakynthos has to offer, for as long as the weather permits, resuming in the evening if the wind dies off.

We have a range of equipment for all levels and disciplines and use our two Mastercraft NXT20 ski boats which are 20 feet long with 5.7 litre V8 marine engines for motorised watersports.

For beginners, our instructors will get you up behind the boat in no time, and for the more experienced who dream about their next big air, or hip downturn, take it to the next level by trying monoskiing, wakesurfing or wakeskating.

The Ski Pass includes access to extra on-land training, BB two-way talking headset, and tuition from a qualified instructor as the spotter.



If you would like to discuss your watersports holiday at Peligoni, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

0208 740 3001

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