Shipwreck Trip

Experience our private early morning adventure to one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

A World Famous Attraction Just Around The Corner

On the north west coast of Zakynthos lies a hidden cove called Navagio Shipwreck bay. Here lies the ruins of freightliner from the 80s, rumoured to have been smuggling hoards of cigarettes, wine and women. After a tumultuous storm, the ship ran aground on the island and has remained in this spot ever since. Enveloped within the jaw-dropping white cliffs and exquisite blue waters, the Shipwreck is one of the most photographed attractions in the world.

The Peligoni Trip

The shipwreck trip is a Peligoni staple not to be missed. After an early start, guests are whisked away by a privately chartered boat, arriving on the world famous Shipwreck Beach well in advance of the tourist crowds. After an hour or so exploring the beach and the shipwreck, the boat then cruises back along the coastline to enter the spectacular Blue Caves. Guests are returned to the club in time for lunch.

The Viewing Point

Another way to enjoy the Shipwreck is to head up to the viewing point at early evening. Here you’ll see incredible views of the bay and the vast scape of the Ionian Sea. We strongly advise caution at the viewing point – there is no safety barrier – so do take care whilst enjoying the view. There are also quite a few vendors selling local honey infused with thyme or olive oil and treats to take back home with you.


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