If you’re a glutton for punishment you’ll love our weekly triathlon comprised of a sprightly swim in the sea, a coastal race and hilly cycle on one of our pro bikes.

Ready, Steady, Peli!

If holidays are about relaxing, taking stock and pausing for a while, then our weekly triathlon was designed to stop that and put you through your paces. Comprised of a 5k run, a 0.8km swim and a 10k bike ride, our triathlon is challenging, fun and a great way to end a week of holiday indulgence!

We vary the order of the races depending on the temperature levels on the day. And because we’re not that mean, participants don’t have to do all three legs of the triathlon. If you’d rather just do the run, no problem!

Sheila’s Swim | 0.8km

Named after the one and only Sheila, one of our most legendary members of staff and founder of our triathlon, Sheila’s Swim is a race around a little island the local Port of Agios Nikolaos. We whisk you there by boat, drop you off to race around the island, before we all head back to the club. Swimmers stay close to the island and are each attached to a brightly colour buoy. There is at least one safety boat alongside to maintain visual contact.

The Run | 5k

Departing from the club, the runners run along the coast before heading up to the turning to Orfos Villas. You head uphill, close to PanoPlagia and Alico before heading along the track past Taygeta, Maia and Antilia. Then, dropping back down onto the coast path and returning to the club.

Bike Ride | 10k

From the Bike Shed, riders go through the Port, and up the hill past towards Corithi. Then you head left towards Anatoli, all the way up to an Olive Press. Once there, it’s freewheeling all the way down before turning right at the main road turnoff. It can also be done on our of our two e-bikes if you want an easier ride!

Celebrations at The Peli Deli

Then after that hilly slog, we finish at The Peli Deli with a well-earned glass of Prosecco. The winner will receive a special Peligoni t-shirt.

Whether the Triathlon is your idea of holiday fitness heaven or hell, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to talk about all the other great things you can do on your Peligoni holiday:

0208 740 3001

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