Opportunities to switch off whilst on a Greek island are important. With an emphasis on meditation workshops, breathwork sessions and your general wellbeing, there’s no denying that you’ll be able to relax and reset during the week.




A wellbeing expert, bestselling author, TV presenter, chef and restaurateur, Jasmine believes in conscious joyful living and takes a 360 degree approach to health. Marrying Eastern wisdom and holistic philosophies with the latest technology and developments in Western wellbeing, Jasmine uses her platform to encourage a return to a more mindful way of life.


Jasmine is a trained sound therapist, hosting immersive sound baths using the harmonics of gemstone and crystal alchemy, to create a grounding experience within the rush of daily life. Her most recent book, East by West, based on the ancient Indian health philosophy of Ayurveda, won the Women’s Health Wellbeing Book of the Year award 2019. 

Sound Bath
Join Jasmine for a sound bath session and immerse yourself in a guided singing bowl meditation. The ultimate lullaby to unwind and cultivate deep rest for the mind-body, all you need do is kick-back and chill out while you bathe in the harmonics of gemstone crystal alchemy

Ayurveda: The Modern Relevance of Ancient Wisdom
Join Jasmine for a workshop on Ayurveda and learn practical ways to incorporate this wisdom into your daily life. From the importance of keeping your digestion lively, through to remedies and rituals to bring balance to your every day, Jasmine will speak about how modern wellbeing trends stem from this ancient Indian science, and how we should be tuning into a more holistic approach to our health.



Estelle Bingham has been described as ‘The Heart whisperer’. She has been supporting others to find more love, purpose and connection in their lives for over 20 years. Fourth generation psychic and trained in TM (Transcendental Meditation), Estelle is committed to helping others heal, express truth and embrace and embody their true joy and potential.


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Rob da Bank, DJ, broadcaster and co-founder of Bestival, is also a trained meditation teacher renowned for his popular Slow Motion Wellness brand covering all bases from mindful retreats to contrast therapy often hosted in his own wild spa pop ups and saunas. Rob’s eclectic career follows a mantra of ‘sharing, love and discovery’.


At PACE, Rob with be hosting a mix of his ever-popular Slow Motion classes, switching between deep meditations, easy to learn breathwork, nourishing deep yoga nidra guided practices and a special one-off sunset DJ set bringing all these practices together.

Slow Motion is a cocoon of calm popping up at hideaways and happy places around the world. Slow Motion does what it says on the tin as it aims to help teach and encourage ways to relax, unwind, switch off and learn better habits.



Sama is an energy healer, yoga therapist and the founder of Bhuti at Bingham Riverhouse. Bhuti is an ancient Sanskrit word that means wellbeing, and Sama’s mission is to bring you home to your self, help you feel connected to your body and free you to thrive.


At PACE, Sama will be hosting a series of unique and transformational energy healing sessions.

I am Love
Voice activation to dissolve blocks, move you out of your head and into your heart, clear channels of communication and discover your true voice. With our voices we can create our own sound healing.

I Am Joy
Shift and shake off stuff with an energy raising session including somatic movement and ecstatic dance to shift your frequency and expand into an unbounded state of joy.

I Am Still
Unlock your deepest desires with an internal journey, combining journalling, somatic movement, trauma release and breathwork to get still and discover the calling of your soul.

An introduction to reiki, to enable you to tap into your own healing power. 
This is a brief introduction with some practice for you to have a taster of your own healing power and enable you to try it on one another.



Richie is a yoga and performance coach with a client roster that reads like an A-List party guest list. After suffering a series of injuries in his former career on the rugby pitch, Richie made the life-changing transition from athlete to coach. He is now an XPT Master Coach with training methods that combine meditation practices with his life-long passion, yoga.


Richie will be bringing a fusion of dynamic flows and breathwork exploration to PACE, hosting a series of workshops to help you deepen the connection between mind and body.

Breathe & Flow
A breathwork masterclass where you will learn wellbeing hacks that will help your mood, energy, sleep and recovery. This will then flow into a mindful movement session that will release and unlock a stiff body, mobilise your joints, stretch you out and relax a busy mind.

Unwind & Release
A gentle progression that will explore your full range of movement and improve the way you breathe whilst training. You will explore with yoga postures and functional mobility to leave you feeling recharged and full of all the good vibes.

Focus Your Mind & Fire Up The body
A free-flowing and dynamic session that uses your breathing to prime the system, helping your stability, bracing your frame, relieving tension, creating some fire and then unwinding into a full recovery, leaving you in a deep state of zen.

Breath Exploration & Body Unlock
Expect a combination of breathwork to take you on an experiential journey, then move through a mixture of flows that will work your full body. A mindful movement practice that ends in a deep state of relaxation. Bring an open mind and playful energy.



Anthony Mullally is a former professional rugby player with 200+ games, two World Cup tournaments and a Grand Final victory. Now a breath work practitioner with a focus on bringing equilibrium to the body and mind, Anthony leads tailored sessions to help both optimise sporting performance, and bring the body back to balance.


At PACE, Anthony will be guiding you through tailored breathwork practices to help improve physical performance, restore and heal, allowing space for stagnant energy in the body to be worked through.

Dynamic Breathwork
A dynamic session, applying breath control techniques and apneas to influence breathing behaviours to optimise the physical and the psychological.

Restorative Breathwork
A deeply restorative guided breathwork and meditation. The aim of the session is to quiet the mind by moving the body into a deeply restorative state, signalling safety and allowing the body’s regenerative functions to do their job.



A fitness and conditioning expert with a passion for teaching techniques for better body-mind balance, stress management and recovery. As a dedicated breathwork practitioner, Tamara uses a 360-degree approach, coaching individuals who want to improve their general health and fitness with a holistic methodology.


At PACE, Tamara will be hosting breathwork sessions that pivot around connecting mind and body through accompanied movement.

Invigorating Breathwork & Restorative Movement
Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and relaxation, where you will explore conscious breathing techniques that promote mental clarity, stress relief and heightened awareness. Get ready to connect with your breath, move with intention, and embrace a renewed sense of vitality.

Breath Harmony Class
Exploration of mindful breathing and gentle movements, this session focuses on rhythmic breathwork techniques to harmonise mind and body. Complemented by subtle restorative movements, this class creates a soothing, introspective atmosphere, leaving participants with a renewed sense of tranquility and inner balance.

Energise and Flow Session
A dynamic fusion of invigorating breathwork and fluid restorative movements. The experience extends into purposeful, flowing movements, enhancing flexibility and releasing tension. Find excitement in the synergy of breath and motion, leaving the class revitalised and rejuvenated.

Mindful Breaths & Gentle Flow
Embark on a serene journey using intentional breathwork to foster inner calm and clarity. Paired with graceful, restorative movements, this session creates a peaceful ambience, allowing you to unwind and harmonise your mind and body.

Revitalise & Renew
A dynamic session designed to invigorate both body and mind. Seamlessly integrated with purposeful, flowing movements, this class encourages flexibility and the release of pent-up energy.



For £400, a PACE ticket includes a week’s club membership, paddleboarding, kayaking, all fitness and yoga classes, meditation and wellness workshops, and a complimentary daily driver service.


Accommodation for PACE must be booked through Peligoni. We have a range of beautiful villas and cottages to choose from. You can view available accommodation and book online here, or if you have any further questions about PACE, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch.