The Inbeteeners 11-14

No longer little children, but not quite teenagers, the Inbeteeners are our younger guests who want to break away from the kid zone, but aren’t quite ready for teendom. We create a dedicated activity programme just for them.

“…it’s hard to imagine a holiday that caters to the needs of the whole family. Any regrets? Yes. That I didn’t discover Peligoni when our kids were younger.”

Keen To Fast Forward But Still Finding Their Feet

When your child is navigating the post-kid/pre-teen realm, life can be tough, and a holiday is the last place where growing pains should get in the way. Inbeteeners don’t want to feel like little children anymore yet aren’t quite sure how to be a teenager yet. This is even harder with social media and peer pressures putting their actions in the spotlight. With parents not having grown up in a digital world and less able to understand the bumpy road of tweendom in the twenty first century – time away from it all, together, is more precious than ever.

At Peligoni we are forever looking more closely at our whole teen and childcare offering and the Inbeteeners are the age group we feel needs more focus than ever. At such a transformative age, they need the confidence and skills to take on the impending pressures of the years ahead. This is why we want Peligoni to be more than a summer holiday, but somewhere that encourages and inspires them to be their best selves.

The Inbeteener Leaders With Oppidan

Once again we have teamed up with our dear friends at Oppidan Education who will assist us in the recruitment and training of our Teen Leaders and our Inbeteener Leaders. In addition to running our hugely successful May Half Term Revision Week for the last three years, Oppidan have been making a name for themselves as the proprietors of Invisible Learning through their innovative approach to education that goes beyond the classroom. From self-worth to the development of character, Oppidan believe wholeheartedly in the role of a mentor in a child’s development and having role models to nurture children and keep them grounded in an increasingly uncertain world for the younger generation. Under Oppidan’s guidance, our carefully recruited leaders will be fully equipped to look after, entertain and inspire our guests aged 11-13 for the time they are at the club.

Family Fun & New Friends

Whether your Inbeteener is itching for autonomy or just a little shy, Peligoni is set-up so they never feel forced to join anything they don’t want to and you have  plenty of opportunity to be with each other as much as there is for them to make new friends. Be it intimate family dinners or an afternoon sail on our vintage yacht Odyssey, Peligoni makes it easy for the family to forget the day-to-day stresses of normal life and reconnect with each other. You’ll soon find your holiday will be made up of both individual activities and memorable family moments – so everyone gets the break they deserve.

Example Activities For Inbeteeners

Inbeteener Mixer – Meet the Peli Teen Leaders
Crazy Sofa
BBQ & Pool Party
5-a-side Football
Pool Games
Smoothie Making
Inbeteener Tennis Sessions
Inbeteener Fitness Classes
Club Water Fight
Tie Dye T-Shirts
Pontoon Olympics
Race Day***
Lunch Time Socials*
Paddle Polo**
Surfing at Sunflower Beach**
Paddle Baseball/Rounders**
Cat Joyrides***
*Charges apply
**Need Paddlesports Membership
***Need Full Watersports Membership

Villas All Your Family Will Love

We book our guests into our villas in the hills near the club. We have a select collection ranging from large rustic ‘Mamma-Mia’ style properties that sleep up to 20 to sleek modernist wow-factor villas with epic sea views. Your family won’t be disappointed with the breathtaking pool and impressive design of villa Asimi or the incredible seafront position and private beach at the oh so cool villa Amoulakis. Smaller families love the well-equipped, well-run Emerald Villas and Traverso Cottages are a great option for single parents and their brood. There are plenty of villas that work for multiple groups or individual families and we’d be happy to explain them in more detail to find the perfect one for you all.


To enquire about the ideal holiday for your Inbeteeners at Peligoni, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

0208 740 3001

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