Young Peligoni

We know that a huge part of keeping parents happy on holiday is keeping their kids happy, so at Peligoni, looking after little ones is just as important as looking after you. During May and October Half Term we will be joined by our new partners TARKA, who run our kids activities for the week. Encouraging developmental learning through movement, TAKRA help kids fall in love with being active and get the most out of their holiday.



Crèche (Under 4s) Our two crèche locations allow parents to leave little ones in the care of our qualified nannies every day between 9am and 6pm. Kindly note that crèche spaces are limited and should be booked in advance of your stay at an additional cost.

Rugrats (4-5 years) Rugrats childcare runs every day for approximately 4 hours a day (usually two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon).

Tarka (6-10 years) Our new kids’ activities partners, TARKA, will be joining us for May Half Term, July, August and October Half Term, and will be running 3 hours sessions every morning and an additional two hours in the afternoons from Monday to Thursday.

Inbeteeners (11-14 years) Run by our Teen Leaders at varying times depending on the activity, these Leaders know how to create the perfect environment for this in-between age group.

Teenagers (15+) Also run by our Teen Leaders for a few hours daily, giving teens the freedom to be as involved as they want whilst being encouraged to embrace new things and make lifelong memories.

In-Villa Babysitting Available every night of week for all ages at an additional cost.

Further information on our Young Peligoni can be found here.