The Ski Pass

Our motorised watersports offering, The Ski Pass, is designed to get you more time on the water for less. An exciting offering for both the experienced rider and the total novice, The Ski Pass is a great addition to our watersports upgrades, designed to get you having as much adrenaline-fuelled fun you could possibly dream of.


For keen skiers, The Ski Pass helps to reduce the price of regular skiing. By paying a flat fee up front we are able to offer a much reduced price per 15-minute tow.

INDIVIDUAL SKI PASS – Up to 5 tows per pass – non transferable.

FAMILY/GROUP SKI PASS – Up to 16 tows shareable by up to 6 people from one villa.


1. Pre-pay for a pass with the UK team

Individual Ski Pass


Family/Group Ski Pass

£380 (up to six people from one villa)

2. Then book your 15-minute sessions for only 17.50€, reduced from 50€

*Passes cannot be transferred and must be pre-booked in the UK. Maximum 5 tows per week per individual ski pass, 16 tows per week for the family and group ski passes. Age restriction of 6+ years apply. Does not include inflatables. Please ensure you have read our Cancellation Policy before booking.

3. Maximum bookable slot is 1 hour and 30 mins.