You can't visit a Greek island without trying some sailing. And, in particular, our sheltered nook makes for a fantastic sailing experience, with boats rigged and ready for you to go. Throughout the week we have a range of sailing activities but you can head out on your own or have a lesson with one of our instructors. Plus, a little bit of healthy competition never hurt no one, and the end of the week, we host our Sailing Race to give you and your family a chance to win an exciting prize.


We have a fleet of sailing boats from Laser and RS, including single and double handers, monohulls and catamarans.


Our watersports staff are qualified instructors, many of them in multiple disciplines, and they are the life and soul of the club, with outgoing can-do attitudes to inspire the young and give confidence to the nervous. Everything is run on a first come first served basis so whilst we pride ourselves on flexibility, during our busier times, please do bear in mind there may be a short wait before you set sail. Sailing lessons are given first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon and are a combination of group and one-to-one sessions and ad-hoc advice is always available to those out free-sailing. More than anything, we believe in having fun on the water in a safe and beautiful environment.


The weather here is made for sailing. You can learn the ropes quickly, and soon you will be using the wind to your advantage. Typically, the island experiences light cross-shore breezes in the morning giving way to stronger winds in the afternoon. The surface is generally pretty flat with a bit of wind chop as the wind picks up and larger swells further out into the channel. The mornings are perfect for beginners and the afternoons provide great weather for progressing at sailing. With a prevailing force 3 North Westerly, sailing out and back from our moorings couldn’t be easier.