There is nothing more we love than a good windsurfing session. Taking flight, crashing into the water, and starting all over again, it is a type of thrill that we don't get to experience day to day, and it is what we are all about. For beginners, the gentle morning breeze is a comfortable starting place, but for the more advanced and adventurous, the afternoon cross-offshore breeze provides the perfect blast to get you going.


Our range of boards and sails suit all levels and wind conditions. Our beginner boards offer stable platforms to get started. Our intermediate and advanced boards are from Starboard and range in size from 150 litres down to 75 litres and with free-ride, freestyle and foiling shapes.


Training Rigs
From 1.5m2 to 3.5m2, we have a great range of sails to get both adults and kids on the water experiencing windsurfing for the first time.

Severne and Tushingham Sails
Two of the most respected windsurf companies in the world; performance sails in sizes from 4.0m2 – 7.5m2.


For advanced windsurfers we have a Severne RedWing foil, and a Starboard foil board which provides a great introduction into foiling for those who wish to try something new.


Our windsurfing instructors are all RYA/IS qualified, with a focus on tailored teaching we aim to progress people quickly and we have great conditions and equipment to do so. Everything is run on a first come first served basis so whilst we pride ourselves on flexibility, during our busier times, please do bear in mind there may be a short wait. Windsurfing lessons are a combination of group and one-to-one sessions and ad-hoc advice is always available to those out free-sailing. More than anything, we believe in having fun on the water in a safe and beautiful environment.


Typically light cross-shore breezes in the morning give way to stronger winds in the afternoon. The surface is generally pretty flat with a bit of wind chop as the wind picks up and larger swells further out into the channel.