The Peligoni Crèche

Our on-site crèche allows parents to leave their little ones in the care of our qualified nannies from 9am until 6pm every day throughout the season. Located behind The Courtyard, the crèche has a quiet sleeping area and a separate playroom with an incorporated outdoor play area.

A Little Haven

There are nappy changing facilities and a child-friendly bathroom in the crèche, along with all the relevant safety and first aid equipment. Our nannies are highly experienced and carefully selected to provide the best rounded childcare options for our crèche. Furthermore, we are one of the few beach clubs or hotels that provide childcare for babies and toddlers aged four months and up until their 4th birthday.

Parents must remain on site at all times whilst their child/children are in the crèche, with the exception of the Shipwreck trip or an Odyssey excursion.