Food & Drink

Everyone has a different idea of what holiday eating should consist of. Some people want a gourmet experience, others a fillet of fresh fish and a green salad, and the rest would be happy with some bread and dips and a strong cocktail. And because we want Peligoni to be a stress-free experience, our restaurant is where the fussy and the foodie can happily dine side by side.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

The Peligoni Club has a main restaurant along with four bars serving all sorts of snacks and tipples. Come breakfast, lunch or dinner, we want you to eat like a family, with your family, so we offer something for all; fresh, thin crust pizza, healthy superfood salads, juicy burgers, lots of fish or just a load of locally-inspired sharing plates. We dedicate an overwhelming amount of time to working with our chefs to update our menus – ensuring everyone is considered. As a result all our dishes are created with the best local ingredients, designed with different ages, tastes and dietary requirements in mind.

The Restaurant

At night, the main restaurant area buzzes with diners enjoying intimate family dinners, or sitting at our long banquet tables during our weekly feasts that last well into the warm Greek nights.

We realise that variety is the spice of a perfect holiday with family or friends, so in addition to the restaurant, some meals, snacks and drinks can also be enjoyed at different scenic spots around the club.

The Rock Café | For the Morning

Ideal for breakfast and afternoon tea, The Rock Café is led by our team of friendly baristas who will serve up a fresh smoothie or a double-shot flat white, depending on what time you got to bed. Slowly sip your order while you sit back with yesterday’s newspaper, or take it away to the decks.

The Yard Bar | For The Afternoon

The Yard Bar is a buzzing afternoon spot for a snack and a tipple. The dream post-watersports hangout, it has generous tables for whiling away the afternoon with a board game, a book or one of those long holiday catch-ups with friends and family. And for those who can’t quite fathom why anyone would spend an entire day lying on a lounger, The Yard Bar was built to keep you amused while your other-half worships the sun.

The Pool Bar | For The Afternoon

Drinking a cocktail at a pool bar is one of those sumptuous holiday scenarios we dream about in the wintry months — so fulfil it by swimming right up to the counter and ordering a gin & tonic to sip under the shade of the olive trees. Sit with your legs in the water while tasting a range of cleverly concocted cocktails.

The Driftwood Bar  | For The Evening

As the sun sets, guests gather at The Driftwood Bar to sample our array of delectable cocktails prepared by our team of skilled bar staff. The beating heart of the club, The Driftwood Bar is where we all gather for the much-loved evening entertainment, sundowners and nightcaps.

The Courtyard | For The Evening

New for 2019, The Courtyard has been lovingly transformed to create a large space which catches the golden hour light just perfectly to sit and enjoy a sundowner. Surrounded by lemon trees, flowers and olive groves, The Courtyard is a wonderful spot for large parties gathering before the evening’s entertainment.


If you would like to discuss your Peligoni holiday, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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