Triathlon Training with The Tri Guys

The Tri Guys are an online coaching service specialising in triathlons and endurance events. Their goal is to help you achieve your endurance goals, develop valuable life skills, and become (in their opinion) a better person. They coach all ages and abilities, from beginners who can't swim a length to competitive athletes.

The Tri Guys Triathlon Training Weeks

During their time at Peligoni, Tri Guys will introduce you to the world of triathlon and its three disciplines: swimming, biking, and running. They’re passionate about triathlon and have dedicated their lives to studying the sport, so feel free to ask them anything.

Join them during their residency weeks for some fun, laid back activities and begin your journey into triathlon. Whether you’re a complete novice or have completed countless triathlons, we welcome you to join them!

30th June – 6th July
Oskar de Schynkel

Oskar started triathlon in 2015. He soon found himself racing for Belgium in European cups as well as a Dutch and Italian team in their respective leagues. Since then he’s moved to longer distances, competing in multiple AG ironman and ultramarathons alongside his day job as a software engineer.

31st August – 7th September
Jack Troake

Jack entered his first triathlon when he was 17, but it wasn’t until he completed his first Ironman in 2019 that he really caught the bug. Four years later, and with two more Ironmans and three 70.3s under his belt, he couldn’t imagine life without triathlon. Jack balances his training and coaching around his full time job and is targeting Kona in 2024.

28th September – 5th October
Olivia Mitchell

Olivia, AKA Libs, is a professional middle and long distance triathlete. She is currently ranked 53rd in the world and has won one 70.3 and podiumed on her first full distance attempt. After picking up triathlon late, she started with short course, racing French Grandpix and Duathlon World Champs before moving to middle distance during Covid. She has been a personal trainer and coach for the last 8 years.

There is no extra charge for group sessions, they are included with your Weekly Membership. Please refer to your Agenda for more details on these sessions. 1-2-1 sessions are available on a request basis and will be chargeable.