About Peligoni Parties

A small enclave surrounded by olive trees and perched above the glittering Ionian Sea, The Peligoni Club offers an unrivalled venue for destination partying.



With the combination of our clubhouse, the glamorous surrounding villas and the charming local venues, we will work with you to tailor an event that brings even your wildest ideas to fruition. From non-stop wining and dining to activity-fuelled revelry, we can curate a bash so extraordinary that your friends will be talking it about for years to come.

Flights & Accommodation

With direct flights from a number of European and British cities to Zakynthos almost every day throughout the summer, it has never been more convenient to plan a special occasion at Peligoni. We’ll manage everything from booking your guests into our accommodation to executing every last detail of your event.


Need a photographer? We know talented professionals who can capture every memorable moment.  Childcare? Our team of qualified nannies are on hand to look after the younger revellers either in the villas or at their very own kid’s club.