Which airlines fly to Zakynthos/Zante?

On Sundays, the 3 main ones are EasyJet, Thomas Cook and Thompson. But there are other airlines, so we recommend you look on skyscanner.net. If you are flying from another Greek island it’s worth looking at Sky Express for easy, quick and good value flights to the island.

On Saturdays, BA now fly direct to Zante from London Heathrow.

What is the airport called?

Zakynthos or Zante – Airport Code ZTH

What are the changeover days and how long can I book my holiday for?

The change over days are Saturday or Sunday. You will need to contact the office to find out which accommodation offers which changeover day. We can offer 10 nights where possible but on the whole all booking are mainly 1 or 2 weeks.

Do I have to get membership to come to the Club?

Yes, each person in the booking needs to get membership to the Club. Watersports and paddle sport upgrades are optional.

What does membership include?

Use of all the land based facilities at the club and also entry to the Club. Additional services such as the spa, food and drink, tennis lessons, waterskiing, wakeboarding and excursions are an additional cost.

How do the watersports packages work?

At the time of booking you will be asked if you want to get a sailing or paddle sport upgrade on top of your membership. A paddlesport upgrade allows you to use all the kayak’s & paddleboards. The full watersport upgrade allows you to use the kayak’s, paddleboards, windsurfers and sailing boats all week. These packages also includes all instruction. All packages can only be purchased on a weekly basis. Daily packages are not available in advance or at the Club.

Can I upgrade when I am at the Club?

You can, however this is dependent on availability and it fills up quickly. We only sell a limited number of watersports and sailing packages so we highly recommend to purchase them at the time of booking to avoid disappointment.

Car Hire

Arrival Information

Do I need to book a car or taxi?

Some of our accommodation is a short walk from the Club. The closest is about a 5 minute walk. We do recommend hiring a car especially if you have smaller children as it can be hard work walking up the Peligoni hill in the heat.

How do I book a car and pick it up?

Using our online Guest Hub, just fill in the form and we will confirm the car to you. You can either pick up the car from the airport or for a small charge, we can have the car delivered to the Club for you.

How can I get home if I have had a long lunch/night and on party nights…?

Between the hours of 7:00am to 11:00am and 4:00pm until close, we offer a complementary driver service to provide freedom from driving and the flexibility to enjoy your holiday as you wish.*

*Please note that our driver service is not to be relied upon as the sole form of transport. We’ll only transport you from the Club to accommodation or vice versa. Maximum 6 people per trip. 

Do I need money at the Club?

No need for money, everything can be put on your tab and paid at the end of the week

What documentation do you require when I arrive?

You will be sent a disclaimer form which we need filled in and then each tab set up needs a credit card as a guarantee.

How do I pay my tab?

Any credit card using our machines or online.

What do I do when I arrive?

Whether you have hired a car or arranged for a taxi, we recommend that all guests head to the Club first to check in. Then we’ll escort you to your villa! The check in time is from 4.00pm and you will normally arrive before then. We suggest you bring a change of clothes at the top of your bag, change at the Club and enjoy the facilities. Once your accommodation is ready, we will find you and take you up there.

Are there driving directions to Peligoni?

We will send you driving directions before you arrive. Should you not have received them please call us on 0208 740 3001.

Food & Drink


Can I order shopping to my villa?

Yes you can. Please head to our Guest Hub and fill out the form. We kindly ask you to fill out this form as soon as possible because any last minute requests submitted a day or 2 before you arrive may not be ready in time.

Do you have chefs that can come to the villa?

Yes we do, we call them villa hosts and they can prepare dinners for you on any evening. Hosts will arrive at your villa at a chosen time, set up the table, cook, serve and clear up. These can be booked via our Guest Hub. We also offer hampers if you just want to have breakfast or dinner delivered and don’t want us to cook or serve.

Should I book restaurants in the area?

There are some fantastic options that we recommend, just ask at reception upon arrival.

Are there bathroom products in the villa?

There are in some, the individual pages for the accommodation will give you more details.

Is there WIFI?

All accommodation and the Club have WiFi. It is not fast enough to stream films or games but fine for emails and browsing.

Where do I find directions to the villa?

We will send you directions to the Club before you arrive and then drive you up there as soon as it is ready for your arrival.

Which villas are walking distance to the club?

Figari, Harry’s House, Kostas, Mimis, Emerald Villas Small and Medium, Takis, Alico, Juno Cottage and Panoplagia. Orfos villas at a push.

Childcare, Kids & Teens


What sort of children’s activiites/crèche do you have?

We have a crèche for the very little ones starting from 3 – 4 months up to 4yrs old. Our brilliant qualified nannies will look after them during the day and babysit in the evening if you wish. You can book an unlimited week (9-6pm each day) or just use the service on an hourly basis. It is subject to availability so definitely best to book early!

The Sharky & George children’s activity programme is for 4 – 12 yr olds and is open all season. We offer a flexible service with a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon.

The cost of the children’s activity programme is included in your membership. It does not include sailing or windsurfing lessons but the activities are as water based as possible.

Is there in-villa babysitting and how much is it?

Yes there is and it can be booked at the reception. We charge €20 per hour.

Are motorized sports included in my Full Watersport Package?

No, these need to be booked separately. If booked in advance in the UK you need to book a minimum of 1 hr but you get a little discount!

Do you offer group sailing and windsurfing lessons?

Yes we do, every day at approximately 11.00am, its a great way of meeting other guests and getting the children together.

Extra Activities

Things To Bring

What is recommended to book in advance?

Watersports & paddlesport packages, Odyssey and the Crèche. They always fill up and we hate disappointed guests.

What is the weekly agenda?

It varies hugely and the sales team can give you all the details however here is a guide..

Sunday | Teen Socials at the Yard Bar
Monday | Teen Pool Party
Tuesday -| Yard Bar Drinks  | Monastery Walk & Dinner
Wednesday | Party Night
Thursday | Quiz Night
Friday | Race Day, Greek Night & Instructors Presentation
Saturday | BBQ & Fancy Dress Party Night

Do I need to bring beach towels?

No, we have these at the Club however please don’t take them off site.

Do I need to bring my boat licence?

If you are renting speedboat with 30 horsepower of less than no licence is required. If you are renting a speedboat with more than 30 horsepower, an ICC is required and must be present on holiday.

Do I need to bring a hair dryer or hair straighteners?

Most villas have hair dryers but please check with our sales team. Unfortunately we don’t provide hair straighteners so please bring this out.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 740 3001.