About The Guest Chef Series

From Masterchef competitors, to Great British Menu winners, we've had an incredible array of talent through our doors recently. Whether or not you're set on always keeping on trend with the latest food scene, our Guest Chef Series allows you to push the boundaries of your palette, for a morsel of the usual cost.



Launching in 2017 with Billy and Jack, of MasterChef fame, our Guest Chef series has gone from strength to strength. With food being at the epicentre of most people’s holidays, we know that it’s important to get it right. We aim to have different styles of chefs from different backgrounds, including Jackson Boxer, Romy Gill MBE and Gizzi Erskine to name but a few. The Peligoni Club is lucky enough to be able to facilitate almost all styles of cooking and therefore replicate some of the finest food that these chefs have to offer, right in the heart of our tucked away slice of paradise. The joy of it all? These are menus you’ll never see again. Completely unique to both the chef, and to us.


There are two events that each Guest Chef will do – both being very different and we encourage you to test out both. Typically, the first will be a feast. The idea is to muck in, meet those like-minded around you and indulge in everything that’s put in front of you, be it edible or drinkable. The second event is generally a pop-up stall. Imagine what it would be like if Borough Market met Zakynthos! Well, imagine no longer. It’s here.