About Sharky & George

Sharky & George are a creative events company specialising in immersive experiences for children and adults. They have one simple aim - to find the fun in everything which reflects our own values at Peligoni and we couldn't think of a better partner to inspire our younger guests to use their imaginations, discover new friends and get the most out of their summer holiday.

Founded by Charlie Astor and George Whitefield, Sharky & George begun after the duo played a mischievous prank on their school housemaster, and were given a novel punishment; run a party for his 6 year old daughter’s birthday! She was terrified of clowns, so they played party games and ran treasure hunts as ‘older brothers’.Then at University and on the side of ‘proper’ jobs in London, they developed games and started training up friends to help out. Sharky & George officially started in 2007, and the breadth of parties for children and adults has been extraordinary ever since.

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