Our Story

On a quest for untainted Greek island beauty, Peligoni’s founders came across a rocky outcrop on the northern tip of Zakynthos, and were captivated instantly. They returned to the area to create a humble sailing club that little did they know would become an unrivalled spot for a Greek island summer holiday.

In The Beginning

Beguiled by the area’s tranquil hilltops, and totally unfazed with its lack of sandy beaches, Johnny Alexander and Vanessa Goldie were immediately enraptured with North Zakynthos as they passed by on a sailing trip in the eighties. Other than the odd tinkle of goat bells, the area was largely uninhabited and its idyllic landscape and fantastic sailing conditions fuelled the couple’s passion to make the most of this special spot. And so they set about building a small sailing club with wooden sun decks built into the volcanic rock, a restaurant behind the decks and a small honesty bar – a testament to the home-away-from-home ethos they instigated.

But the real brilliance of this vision was to establish it (the club) right there, slap on top of these volcanic rocks with not a beach in sight. Only then could they hope to preserve the far-flung beauty of the place.
Jilly Goolden, The Guardian

The Shearer Family

Soon, word about Peligoni got out, and a small group of friends and families would regularly summer at Peligoni to enjoy this slice of secret paradise, undisturbed by tourist boards and chain hotels to enjoy the more intimate ‘house party’ vibe that Peligoni has come to be known for.

Then in 2005, devoted guests Iain and Sarah Shearer, and their three children, Ben, Rory and Anouska, took over from Johnny and Vanessa. Now managed by their eldest son, Ben, the family have spent the last decade or so building upon the foundations laid before them. Not wanting to sacrifice an ounce of the club’s magic they knew and loved, the Shearers have slowly added and enhanced Peligoni without infringing upon the original values upon which it was founded. As a result, Peligoni is regularly cited as being one of the best places for a family holiday in Europe.


And since then, Peligoni has grown and developed in unexpected ways. Our sociable ambience means that all ages can happily mingle, or do their own thing without imposing upon each other. North Zakynthos has yet to be discovered by mass tourism, and we believe that’s the benefit of not having a sandy beach. We have introduced more villas and welcomed more guests, but the vibe will remain as laid-back and fun loving as ever, and our mission is to maintain this for years to come.


If you would like to discuss your Peligoni holiday, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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