The Peli Deli

Offering coffees, lunches, villa hosts and shopping deliveries, our Peli Deli has you covered wherever you may be.

The Peli Deli

The Peli Deli is a 2 minute drive from The Peligoni Club, and, along with providing the food for our in-villa food and shopping service, offers a relaxed space to enjoy freshly made coffee and a host of daily specials.

Coffee & Cake

The Deli is open daily from 9am for coffee and cakes. Swing by to pick up a take-away coffee and snack, or linger to enjoy a quieter surrounding with WiFi, comfortable seating and a host of tasty treats.

Our Lunchtime Haven

Every day, our Peli Deli team prepare a variety of daily lunchtime specials, with platters filled with freshly-made quiches, an array of salads, and sandwiches available to eat-in or take away.

Dinner at The Deli

The dinner offering at The Peli Deli is uncomplicated food done well. Pizzas, pastas and salads using select ingredients are made in-house, ready to order. The restaurant at the Deli has lovely views over the Ionian and is open most evenings for reservations and walk-in guests.

Deli Specials

Our Deli team prepare an array of cheeses, salads, marinated meats, and vegetarian options every day. The Deli always has a stock of family favourites and ready-to-barbecue items for you to enjoy in the comfort of your villa.

Shopping Deliveries

Delivered directly to your villa, our shopping service gets Deli produce and supermarket items straight to you. Choose your shopping list in advance and have it delivered for your arrival at your villa. Or, pop into the Deli, choose your items with assistance from our team, and have it wrapped, bagged and delivered to you for when you return.

Hampers & Hosts

Our in-villa food service offers you the opportunity to indulge in some of the deli’s homemade delights from the comfort of your villa. Hampers consist of a range of pre-made or ready to cook dishes to be delivered to your door. They are there to make cooking in your villa easier and more enjoyable. If you would like someone to cook for you, choose from our hosting services. They will come to your villa to cook, serve and clean up. You needn’t do a thing!

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