Watersports are a huge part of The Peligoni Club experience. Our sheltered, coastal location and reliable wind, exceptional kit and, of course, amazing instructors on hand to help ensure we are up there with the best places in the world to get into the wonderful world of watersports. Watersports are offered as an upgrade to standard membership.


Sailing at The Peligoni Club could not be easier, with boats rigged and ready for you and no booking required. Come down to the beach and either head out on our range of boats at your leisure or have a one-to-one lesson. With great reliable conditions and warm water, what could be better.


We have a fleet of 26 boats from Laser and RS, including single and double handers, monohulls and catamarans. A full list of our equipment can be downloaded at the top of this page.


Our energetic team of RYA qualified instructors are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your time on the water, typically on a one-to-one basis.


Our watersports staff are qualified instructors, many of them in multiple disciplines, and they are the life and soul of the club, with outgoing can-do attitudes to inspire the young and give confidence to the nervous. We don’t think you should ever have to be too organised when on holiday, so with the exception of motorised watersports there is no need to book sailing in advance — everything is run on a first come, first serve basis and lessons are predominantly one-to-one. But more than anything, we believe in having fun on the water in a safe and beautiful environment.


The afternoons provide great weather for learning and progressing at sailing. With a prevailing force 3 North Westerly, sailing out and back from our moorings couldn’t be easier.


Sailing is only included in the Full Watersports Upgrade which is sold on a weekly basis and purchased as an optional upgrade to the mandatory Club Membership. Also included is Windsurfing and Paddlesports equipment and tuition.


The Peligoni Club is ideally situated for learning or advancing your windsurfing skills.

For beginners, the gentle morning breeze and warm water offers a comfortable starting place. Advanced windsurfers will love the strengthening cross-offshore afternoon breeze to blast around on with swell to be found further out if you fancy it.


Our range of boards and sails suit all levels and wind conditions. Our beginner boards offer stable platforms to get started. Our intermediate and advanced boards are from Starboard and range in size from 150 litres down to 75 litres and with free-ride, freestyle and foiling shapes.


Beginner lessons take place in small groups when the breeze is lighter, intermediate and advanced level coaching is typically offered one-to-one when the wind is stronger.


Training Rigs
From 1.5m2 to 3.5m2, we have a great range of sails to get both adults and kids on the water experiencing windsurfing for the first time.

Severne and Tushingham Sails
Two of the most respected windsurf companies in the world; performance sails in sizes from 4.0m2 – 7.5m2.


New for 2021 we are adding foils to our quiver of windsurfing equipment. Details will be confirmed once available.


Our windsurfing instructors are all RYA qualified, with a focus on tailored teaching we aim to progress people quickly and we have the perfect conditions and equipment to do so. Lessons are typically 45 minutes long and do not need to be booked in advance, everything is simply run on a first-come-first-served basis. Lessons are predominantly one-to-one and ad-hoc advice is always available to those out free-sailing.


Typically light cross-shore breezes in the morning give way to stronger winds in the afternoon. The surface is generally pretty flat with a bit of wind chop as the wind picks up and larger swells further out into the channel.


Windsurfing is only included in the Full Watersports Upgrade which is sold on a weekly basis and purchased as an optional upgrade to the mandatory Club Membership. Also included is Sailing and Paddlesports.


Mornings at The Peligoni Club come with mirror flat conditions allowing all level of paddles out on the water. Whether it's your first time dipping a paddle in the water or you're working on your stepback turns and prefer a longer endurance paddle, the club has paddleboarding and kayaking to suit all.


– Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPS) From Two Bare Feet & Red

– Mega SUPS From Red

– Kayaks from RTM 6*doubles 6*singles

Our two bare feet inflatable stand up paddle boards are the perfect balance between stability for beginners and great for longer distance paddling. Whether you want to head out and show off your yoga moves in front of the club or paddle out to sea for some peace and calm, they allow you to do it all. Able to hold a passenger, these are a sociable way to get on the water and explore the coast by peering in to the crystal clear waters that surround the club.

Kayaks are provided by RTM well known for their bomb proof construction. We have single kayaks for adults wanting to head out for a longer trip or children who want to explore with some independence. Double kayaks are available for those who want to paddle together – these can handle 3 people if the 3rd is a smaller human.

Mega SUP’s – Stand Up Paddle Boards that can hold 8 – 10 people, allowing the whole family to head out together or for the teens to head out as a group and have their own sun bathing platform. We are very exited about what these will offer the club and what our guests will get up to on them.

Motorised Watersports

We are incredibly lucky to have fantastically calm, flat water in the mornings at the club. The team operates from 7am to take advantage of these prime conditions, for as long as the weather permits, and resumes in the evening if the wind dies off. Sessions run for 15 minutes and are tailored to your level. We teach water skiing, wakeboarding and for the more adventurous, a bit of wakeskating or wakesurfing.


2 x MasterCraft NXT 20
Monoskiing & Pair Skiing
Wakeboarding, Wakeskating & Wakesurfing
Ringos (4 at a time behind a boat)
Crazy Sofa (maximum capacity of 8)


Our ski drivers and instructors are all certified by the BWSW (British Water Ski & Wakeboard), they are on hand to coach you in any of your chosen disciplines, whether it be the first time for a nervous youngster or trying to land your wake to 360°. Our coaches are fantastic at encouraging everyone to get involved, they aren’t afraid to get in the water and help you get set up and give confidence to even the most timid of skiiers.


From midday, guests are welcome to book our Ringos and Cray Sofa rides.This is an incredibly popular way for kids, teens and adventurous adults to head out on to the water. Go as a group or create some new friends in the rush of the moment by teaming up with others.

Evening Sessions

Weather dependent, see if the weather is on your side and head out as the sun is setting for an hour long ski or board of your choice. We will provide a range of drinks on board so you can enjoy the sunset and a drink of your choice whilst on the water.


Mornings offer mirror flat conditions ideal for monoskiing, later on in the day is the best time to head out wakesurfing. Then, as it becomes too choppy for these activities, it’s time to head out on the Ringos or Crazy Sofa. Hopefully, as the weather calms down in the evening there is an opportunity for groups to head out on an evening session with some good music and a cooler full of drinks.


A 15-minute motorised watersports session is 45€ and can be pre-booked with the London team and then added to your tab in Greece. Or if you want to get really into it, then The Ski Pass is great option.

The Ski Pass

Our motorised watersports offering, The Ski Pass, is designed to get you more time on the water for less. An exciting offering for both the experienced rider and the total novice, The Ski Pass is a great addition to our watersports upgrades, designed to get you having as much adrenaline-fuelled fun you could possibly dream of.

The Ski Pass

For keen skiers, The Ski Pass helps to reduce the price of regular skiing. By paying a flat fee up front we are able to offer a much reduced price per 15-minute tow.

INDIVIDUAL PASS – Up to 6 tows per pass – non transferable.

THE FAMILY/GROUP PASS – Up to 20 tows shareable by up to 6 people from one household.

1. Pre-pay for a pass in the London office




Up to six people from one household


2. Then book your 15-minute sessions for only 15€, reduced from 45€

*Passes cannot be transferred and must be pre-booked in the UK. Maximum 6 tows per week per individual pass, 20 tows per week for the family and group passes. Age restrictions apply. Does not include inflatables. Please ensure you have read our Cancellation Policy before booking.

3. Maximum bookable slot is 1 hour and 30 mins.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course

An internationally recognised qualification for the driving of powerboats up to 10m in length. This course gives you the opportunity to gain a qualification whilst on holiday and become qualified in boat handling and seamanship in powerboats, focusing on low speed close quarters handling.

Complete An RYA Course Whilst On Holiday

Involving both theory and practical elements, this 3-day course is the basis for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) and will run in the mornings in a group of up to three at a time. Skills taught include:

  • Low speed handling
  • Man overboard recovery
  • Planing and powerboat seamanship
  • Basic navigation

Requirements & Outcomes

Assumed knowledge None. May be preceded by Level 1 Start Powerboating.
Minimum duration 16 hours
Minimum age 12. Candidates under the age of 16 will be issued with an endorsed certificate and must be accompanied by an adult who will need to do the course also if not already qualified.
Course content Launching and recovery, boat handling, securing to a buoy, anchoring, leaving and coming alongside, man overboard.
Ability after the course Self-sufficient powerboater in the right conditions, aware of own limitations and those of craft.


We run two courses per week. The first starts on Monday and finishes on Wednesday and the second starts on Thursday and finishes on Saturday. The course costs £450 when booked and pre-paid in the UK or 535€ when booked and paid for at the club.

Visit our Guest Hub to book your place now.

Weather Conditions

Weather at the club comes in two halves. Mornings tend to be calm and quiet, allowing paddlers out on the water and ideal for ski activities. The wind will generally kick in the afternoon with a cross-offshore force 3/4.

Beach Safety

The Peligoni Club is recognised by the RYA and the BWSW, as a recognised training centre and this means that we are inspected annually to ensure that we are adhering to the strict safety guidelines.

We will keep a constant eye on you to ensure your safety. We always have an appropriate number of staff on the water ready to attend to you, for any reason.

Before getting on the water

All on water participants must attend a safety briefing whether this is their first or 30th year sailing at the club. This is a great chance to remind yourself of all the safety information and ask any questions that you might have about how the watersports work. This will cover all aspects of the waterfront, how to ask for a lesson, how to behave on the water and how to help the beach team keep you safe.

Whilst on the water

We will keep a constant eye on you to ensure your safety, as well as this, we always have at least one member of staff on the water ready to attend to you for any reason. We want you to be comfortable to try any new sports in an encouraging environment where our staff will ensure that you are learning efficiently and safely.

Once you are off the water

We ask you to check back in with the team on the beach to ensure that our record of who is on the water is accurate, this also allows other members of your party to check if you are still out on the water or if you’ve headed to the bar for an après-windsurf beverage.

Watersports Prices

With different options available, we have created a simple to use price calculator. Pick your whole group's needs in one go.

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