The Peli Deli & Kitchen

The Peli Deli & Kitchen is a 2-minute drive from The Peligoni Club, and, along with providing the food for our in-villa food and shopping service, offers a relaxed space to enjoy freshly made coffee and a host of daily specials.

The Deli Kitchen

The Deli Kitchen offers an eclectic menu fed by our Deli. We focus on simple, exciting flavours in homemade dishes, dips and mezze along with pizzas, and fresh local fish.

Villa Hosting

Book one of our wonderful villa hosts to wine and dine you for an afternoon or evening. They will come to your villa to cook, serve and clean up afterwards - you needn’t lift a finger.

Lunch Hosting

Relax in the comfort of your own villa whilst our host lays the table, cooks the BBQ and clears all the mess, you needn’t lift a finger.

Supper Hosting

Let our hosts wine and dine you under the stars in your villa’s entertaining space.


Our selection of hampers are filled with homemade dishes delivered to your villa for breakfast, lunch or supper.


Breakfast Hamper

Arrival Hamper

Little Arrival Hamper

Little Hamper

Peli Classic Hamper

Mediterranean Feast



Breakfast Hamper 14.50€ pp

Platter of cold meats & cheeses

Freshly baked bread

Butter & Jams

Selection of pastries

Peli Granola

Greek Yoghurt & Local Honey

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Orange Juice

Juice or Smoothie Of The Day

Milk (Cow’s/Soy/Almond)


Arrival Hamper 15.50€ pp


Falafel & Sweet Potato Empanadas


Sun-dried Tomatoes, Stuffed Peppers, Olives


Hummus, Tapenade, Tzatziki


Additional Items:

Chicken or Halloumi & Portobello Skewers

Courgette & Aubergine Pasta Bake With Parmesan

Tomato & Burrata


Little Arrival Hamper 10.50€ pp

Apple Juice

Cookies & Fruit/Pesto & Chicken Pasta/Spaghetti Bolognese/Cottage Pie/Chicken Skewers & Couscous


Little Hamper 10.50€ pp

Apple Juice

Crudités & Hummus

Cookies & Fruit

Macaroni Cheese/Pasta with Pesto or Tomato Sauce/Spaghetti Bolognese / Cottage Pie/ Chicken Skewers & Couscous/Fish Fingers, Chips & Peas/Salmon Fish Cakes with Salad/Chicken Goujons with Mashed Potato & Mini Vegetables


Peli Classic Hamper 25€ pp

Foccacia, Hummus & Tzatziki

Beetroot & Gin Cured Salmon

Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken

Roast New Potatoes

Broccoli & French Bean Slaw

Rocket & Parmesan



Mediterranean Feast19€ pp

Sun-dried Tomatoes & Feta Arancini

Sea Bass

Mediterranean Vegetable Tart

Rocket & Pesto Salad

Olive Oil Cake with Almond Ice Cream

Shopping For Villas

The beauty of northern Zakynthos is that it is still quite underdeveloped, yet this means there are very few shops in the vicinity of The Peligoni Club and our villas. To save the hassle of having to drive down to the south of the island, we can arrange to have food and supplies delivered to your villa in advance of your arrival and replenishments can be made throughout the week.


Head to our Guest Hub where you can fill in the shopping list ahead of time. We need a minimum of three days notice to ensure your shopping arrives when you do.  You can also replenish your shopping throughout your stay – we just need 24 hours notice. Orders are to be made at The Peli Deli and will be delivered within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends where Saturday orders will be delivered on Monday and Sunday orders will be delivered on Tuesday.

Example items

Baked Goods
Uncut white country bread (1kg)
Uncut local brown bread (1kg)
Sliced loaf white (750g)
Sliced loaf brown (750g)
Croissant (each)
Pain aux Chocolate (each)

Lurpack salted (250g)
Lurpack unsalted (250g)
Mature Cheddar (200g)
Mild Cheddar (200g)
Feta (380g)
Gouda (200g)
Mozzarella (175g)
Philadelphia (200g)

Eggs (Pack of 6)
Full fat milk (1lt)
Semi-skimmed milk (1lt)
Soya milk (1lt)
Almond milk (1lt)
Large tub Greek yoghurt (1kg)
Pack of 3 small Greek yoghurt (3 x 200g)
Pack of 3 small fruit yoghurt (3 x 200g)

Children’s Mixed Fruit Yoghurts (2 x 150g)
Children’s Strawberry Yoghurts (2 x 150g)

Marmalade (orange) (370g jar)
Strawberry Jam (370g jar)
Raspberry Jam (370g jar)
Marmite (125g)
Honey (450g)
Peanut Butter (375g)
Nutella (200g)

Tea & Coffee
PG tips (40 bags)
Earl Grey tea
Green tea
Peppermint tea
Camomile tea
Nespresso pods (x10)
Nescafe original (100g)
Nescafe decaf (100g)
Cadbury’s hot chocolate (250g)

Dry Goods
White sugar (500g)
Brown sugar (500g)
Stevia sugar (30g)
Peligoni freshly pressed Olive oil (700ml)
Balsamic Vinegar (250ml)
Vegetable oil (1lt)
Spaghetti (500g)
Penne (500g)

Breakfast Items
Kellogg’s Cornflakes (375g box)
Kellogg’s Coco Pops (375g box)
Kellogg’s Bran Flakes (375g box)
Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut (250g box)
Kellogg’s Frosties (250g box)
Special K (375g box)
Quaker porridge oats (500g)
Rice Crispies (375g box)

Meat & Fish
Chicken (1 large fillet)
Beef Mince (500g)
Local Village Sausages (pack of 12)
Bacon (200g)
Prosciutto (80g)
Salami (160g)

Vegetables & Salad Items
Potatoes (per kilo)
Onions (500g/approx. 3)
Garlic bulb (each)
Aubergines (500g/approx. 2)
Courgettes (500g/approx. 3)
Tomatoes (per kilo/approx. 6)
Cherry tomatoes (250g)
Lettuce (each)
Cucumber (each)
Green pepper (each)
Red/Yellow pepper (each)
Carrots (500g)
Avocado (each)

Lemons (each)
Limes (each)
Red apples (500g/approx. 4)
Oranges (500g/approx. 4)
Bananas (per kilo/approx. 6)
Pears (500g/approx. 4)
Kiwi fruit (500g/approx. 6)
Pineapple (each)
Honeydew Melon (per 1/2)
Watermelon (per 1/4)
Peaches (per kilo/approx. 5)
Nectarines (per kilo/approx. 5)
Grapes (500g)

Salted Pringles (150g tube)
Salt & Vinegar Pringles (150g tube)
Sour Cream & Onion Pringles (150g tube)
Paprika Pringles (150g tube)
Cream crackers (120g)

Digestive biscuits (220g)
Chocolate cookies (180g)
Dark chocolate (180g bar)
Haribo sweets (200g)
Milka Chocolate (100g)

Cheese & Onion Lays Crisps (110g)
Salted Lays Crisps (110g)
Salt & Vinegar Lays Crisps (110g)

Pistachios (125g)
Peanuts (250g)
Salted Almonds (150g)
Unsalted Almonds (150g)
Black Olives (380g)
Green Olives (380g)

Still mineral water (6 x 1.5lt bottles)
Still mineral water (6 x 500ml bottles)
Sparkling mineral water (6 x 1.5lt bottles)

Soft Drinks
Coca Cola (6 x 330ml cans)
Coke Light (6 x 330ml cans)
Fanta Orange (6 x 330ml cans)
Fanta Lemon (6 x 330ml cans)
Sprite (6 x 330ml cans)
Tonic water (6 x 330ml cans)
Soda water (6 x 330ml cans)
Robinsons Blackcurrant Squash (750ml)
Robinsons Orange Squash (750ml)

Fruit Juice
Apple (1lt)
Cranberry (1lt)
Orange (1lt)
Pineapple (1lt)

Baby Supplies
Hipp Organics Sweet Squash & Chicken (125g)
Hipp Organics Butternut Squash & Chicken Pasta (190g)
Hipp Organics Ham Pasta (190g)
Hipp Organics Chicken, Rice & Vegetable (125g)
Hipp Organics Creamed Porridge (125g)
Hipp Organics Yoghurt, Mango & Banana (160g)
Hipp Organics Banana & Peach Dessert (125g)
Nestle Nativa Baby Formula (400g)
Pampers Size 1 Nappies (pack of 22)
Pampers Size 2 Nappies (pack of 20)
Pampers Size 3 Nappies (pack of 20)
Pampers Size 4 Nappies (pack of 20)
Pampers Size 5 Nappies (pack of 20)
Pampers Baby Wipes (pack of 64)

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