Sharky & George

Who Are These chaps?

Sharky & George run the hippest, most imaginative parties for kids in London. Acting as big brothers and sisters,  they inspire and excite kids to interact and have fun together in ways so many have forgotten.

What's The Plan?

We are super excited to be teaming up with The Peligoni Club to provide some awesome activities and mischief to guests’ holidays.


This summer 2016, Sharky & George’s incredible staff will take control of the Kids Club, crafting fun and adventure both on and off the water.

With S&G’s imaginative and energetic games, we want to reinstall a little mischief and innocence into the lives of kids on their summer break. And we aim to weave the Sharky & George magic into our fabric for years to come with permanent features and popular games given a Peligoni twist.

The new Kids Club is aimed at, but not limited to, kids aged 4-14 years. It will be open all summer with S&G staff at the helm during May half term and high season.

Invisible Learning

Sharky & George are curating every activity in the children’s program to have an educational tone where problem solving and life lessons will be disguised as wild and wacky activities in which kids have fun, but are left with more confidence, maturity, and of course, a pack of new pals in tow.

During May half term the S&G team will be coordinating with our tutor program to ensure that nothing affects the summer exams and most importantly, the memories of an unforgettable family break.

We are so excited about this venture with Sharky & George, and to quote our new partners in crime, ”bring on the waterbombs!”

If you’d like to know more, do call the team on 0208 740 3001