Covid-19 & Peligoni


A Message from Ben,

As I’m sure you can all appreciate, the current situation is moving extremely quickly, so different options are presenting themselves at every corner. Rest assured, the impact on your holiday with us will be minimal and there are just a few things to be aware of whilst you’re here with us:

1. In the mornings, you will be temperature checked upon entry to the club. Please, if you are showing any symptoms whatsoever, do not come down to the club, let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements for you and your family to meet with our doctors for an assessment and or a test.

2. All waiters, waitresses, bar staff and kitchen staff are required to wear face masks or a visor. Despite them not being the most sightly or fashionable items of clothing, we can reassure you that they are for both yours, and our safety. We will not be shaking your hands this year, as much as we’d love to, I’m sure you can understand.

3. We are blessed by being mainly outside and therefore social distancing is very possible. We have put the necessary precautions in place but you’ll hardly know they are there.  In the restaurants, we are not permitted to have tables of more than 6 adults, however children do not count in terms of ‘guests’ at tables. Of course we can use adjacent tables to accommodate larger adult groups. Or, should you wish to be further away from the rest of your party we can help there as well!

4. All of our menus are now on fancy QR codes which you’ll see mounted on your tables and elsewhere at the club. Just bring your phone, open up the camera, point it at the code and the rest is done for you! I know, very hi-tech.

5. Please use the hand sanitiser provided around the club. Extra cleaning schedules are in place behind the scenes to keep us all as safe as possible.

6. The watersports operation remains largely unchanged, 1-1 tuition in the same boat is not possible, but lessons will still be going ahead, just with instructors in a separate boat. We may also ask you to wait off the slipway if there is a short queue, and will shout when you lesson or equipment is ready, so we can avoid crowding.

Should there be any additional measures or changes we will be sure to update this page accordingly.