2nd- 9th June | The Diet Therapist Workshops

Join our complimentary wellness workshops with The Diet Therapist, Maria Mekhael

Who is The Diet Therapist?

Passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, Maria Mekhael is a Nutritional Therapist who is vested in transforming people’s relationship with food. She joins us at The Peligoni Club from 2nd to 9th June to host a series of workshops designed to inspire positive changes in both how and what you are eating.

Maria trained to become a Nutritional Therapist at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, (ION), graduating with Distinction in 2015.  She is also a qualified NLP Practioner, and uses these skills and techniques in clinic to help motivate clients towards positive change. She regularly undertakes professional development and training to maintain knowledge and skills in applied practice in the rapidly changing arena of nutrition science. Maria is also a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

2nd -9th June
Nutrition Workshops

Maria believes that even small changes in diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on how you feel, how you look, and general wellbeing. Through Nutritional Therapy she helps to show you how to make incremental dietary and lifestyle changes that guide you towards better health, without compromising balance or enjoyment. Maria will tailor her workshops to your individual needs and her aim is to empower you with knowledge and understanding to make the best decisions when it comes to diet and nutrition so you leave Greece feeling better than ever.


Eating on the go” has become commonplace, and if you tend to rely on caffeine and sugar to get you through your day – you’re not alone.
If you want to know how to get through the day without that mid-afternoon crash, come and learn how shaking up what’s on your plate can help balance and sustain your energy levels and how good nutrition can help


We all know that exercise can get our endorphins flowing, but is there such a thing as Happy Food? It used to be thought that the idea that food and mood are linked was pretty far fetched…but recent science has shown that nutrition – though not a ‘cure,’ can have a huge impact on cognitive functioning and brain chemistry. Come and learn about how what you eat can affect how you feel, as well as supporting brain health.


It’s hard to know what a “healthy” diet should look like when confronted with endless contradictory messages in the press, magazines, on the internet, and on social media.  Sorting through the minefield of scientific soundbites and varying personal opinions can make a seemingly intuitive task…knowing ‘what to eat’ suddenly seem difficult.  In this workshop, we take a look at some of the popular nutrition-related myths and truths to sort “fad” from fact. We’ll be talking about the evidence behind whether coffee is ‘healthy,’ sugar is really ‘evil,’ if going ‘gluten-free’ or ‘dairy-free’ correlates with overall wellness, and whether you really need to do that post-Summer detox.


Want to “beat the bloat” and give your digestive system a boost? This workshop will look at the world of the gut microbiome and it’s link with the brain, as well as our overall health.  Come and learn about the top foods to help your good “gut bugs” thrive, as well as those that help reduce and relieve bloating and other common digestive complaints.


This workshop looks at “Beauty from the Inside Out” – examining how nourishing yourself within can have an impact on your complexion, common skin conditions and collagen production.  Join us to learn about the top skin-boosting foods that will help nourish your skin health ahead of the Summer season.

Tickets & Bookings

Maria’s workshops are complimentary to all members who are staying with us between 02-9th June or 3rd-10th June. If you have booked your holiday and you would like to join these workshops please do get in touch for more information. If you haven’t booked a holiday and would like to join us this week, please do enquire here.

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If you would like more information on Maria’s workshops  or book your holiday for that week, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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