Madina’s Pottery Shop

Hidden Gems In Zakynthos

Everyone loves a souvenir. Some people covet the simple memory of a place and others get the t-shirt, towel or fridge magnet. Then there are those who seek out the unusual or the authentic, and for whom Zakynthos might seem like a minefield of stuffed turtle toys and neon tassel vests. Yet not too far from The Peligoni Club, just up the winding roads through the pine trees to the pretty hilltop town of Volimes, the charming Madina Pottery resides, and here you might just find something wonderful.
Madina’s Pottery displays its beautiful wares by the tree outside the shop.  Small colourful glazed apples adorn an olive tree by the entrance. Madina is sitting at the loom working peacefully on one of the many colourful rugs that are piled high all around her like a fortress of colour and cloth. Inside, the ceramics are displayed modestly on wooden shelves. Each has been handmade by the self-taught Zakynthian ceramist, Sigouros, whose great love and passion for Byzantine style ceramics begun 30 years ago. Over time he has developed his craft, and amassed a large variety of designs and forms in an array of varying colour schemes – you won’t find two of the same pieces. As such, the pottery is a menagerie of soft colours, natural shapes and the slightly abstract motifa inspired by the natural beauty of Zakynthos. With patterns of endless blue fish, olives, lemons and pomegranates, a little bit of Greek magic can be found at Madina’s.
L Local Greek style bath mats and textiles in different colours with turtle patterns displayed on the roadside Be Terracotta and turquoise pots displayed on shelves A lady weaving rugs and textiles. Close up of Madina making a rug on a traditional A collection of traditional style rugs and bath mats with turtle patterns hanging on the wall. A collection of beautiful hand painted bowls Pottery displayed by a pretty roadside tree on a sunny day
Our reception team can happily give you directions to Madina Pottery if you would like to arrange a visit. For more information contact