2nd July | James Ramsden & Sam Herlihy from Pidgin

The men behind Pidgin and two of London’s most exciting restauranteurs, James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy, are taking over our restaurant on 2nd July.

An Evening With James Ramsden & Sam Herlihy of Pidgin

Former musician, Sam Herlihy and food writer, James Ramsden are two of London’s most intriguing restauranteurs. The two connected over a shared love of food, forming a partnership that led to the execution of Pidgin, small restaurant in Stoke Newington famed for never presenting the same dish twice. Pidgin was awarded a Michelin star in 2016 and won best restaurant in 2017; the same year in which they opened their second restaurant, Magpie, in Mayfair.

On their food, Ramsden explained in an interview with The Times,”We have no concern for ‘authenticity’. Although we like the regionally focused food that is ‘trending’ at the moment, we run in the opposite direction, and just think about what ingredients work together, what is delicious, and what people haven’t seen before.”

Tickets & Bookings

James Ramsden & Sam Herlihy will take over our restaurant bringing their much praised approach to food to lucky guests for one night only.

Guests will gather for a drink in The Driftwood Bar before sitting at long tables in our leafy outdoor terraced restaurant for the supper club. Everyone is then invited back to the bar for cocktails and our popular Peligoni Quiz!

James Ramsden’s & Sam Herlihy’s Supper Club
2nd July | €60 per person

Tickets to James’s & Sam’s supper club are exclusive to guests staying at The Peligoni Club from 29th June – 7th July. Tickets can be pre-booked with the London office and payment taken in Greece. Simply fill out the form below to request tickets. If you haven’t booked your holiday with us yet and would like to enquire about availability, click on the link below.

Properties Available During James Ramsden’s & Sam Herlihy’s Supper Club

We have an array of great villas, cottages and B&B options available during the week of James Ramsden’s and Sam Herlihy’s supper club. Just contact our team and they’ll happily send you a list of options to suit your style and budget.

Book Tickets

If you would like to book a ticket to James Ramsden’s and Sam Herlihy’s Peligoni supper club, you can give us a ring or fill out the form below and we’ll book you in! Please read our Cancellation Policy beforehand!

0208 740 3001

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