Gladwin Brothers, the company run by brothers Oliver, Richard and Gregory, is built on a foundation of community, sourcing quality produce from their family farm and suppliers that the brothers know personally. Their restaurants seek to minimise waste and look to the hedgerow and the coast to capture the ever-changing fresh taste of Britain today.

Oliver creates seasonal dishes that demonstrate his flair for inspired and creative cookery. Following the philosophy of “what grows together, goes together”, his food is inspired by his country roots and a passion for sustainable cookery.

Richard, the restauranteur, is a savant in wine and spends what time he can at their family vineyard in West Sussex, Nutbourne. Richard brings to the club a wealth of knowledge and is known for his curation of fantastic wine lists at all of their restaurants.

The Gladwin Brothers will be hosting two Guest Chef dining experiences whilst at the club. Tuesday 9th June will see 80 guests dining on a specially curated menu at the club and Thursday 11th June will see Oliver host a lamb butchery masterclass for up to 25 guests. These events are available to guests of The Peligoni Club 6th – 14th June.