Haigh is at the heart of partnership Kaizen House which sees her culinary creations across a number of projects. Mei Mei, which means ‘little sister’ has recently opened the famous Borough Market which specialises in Singaporean cuisine, with their critically acclaimed deep-fried chicken Nasi Lemak and delicious range of Singaporean kopi “coffee” and tea.

Haigh has also collaborated with various people along her food journey. Collaborations have included Meatopia Festival in Dublin and London, cooking alongside Neil Rankin in Estonia at award-winning restaurant NOA and she’s listed on the Evening Standard Progress 1000. There is no denying Haigh has an extensive background throughout the food industry.

Elizabeth will be hosting a Singaporean Feast on the 15th June and a Cooking Demonstration and Lunch on the 18th June.

These menus are suitable for guests aged 10 and over.