Guilt-Free May Half Term Holiday With Oppidan

Just because exams fall either side of May Half Term doesn’t mean a holiday is off the cards. That’s why we’ve got Oppidan Education at the club to host mentoring and study sessions in the sun. Everyone wins.

Revision & a holiday?

For parents, half term can be a daunting time, with exams imminent and children busy scrambling to make revision timetables. The added difficulty of keeping them amused and motivated throughout the week can often be too much to bear. The idea of a going away and enjoying a holiday whilst keeping your child focused on a structured revision plan seems almost too good to be true. Or does it? Enter Oppidan Education at The Peligoni Club for May Half Term.

Who are Oppidan Education?

Walter and Henry set up Oppidan Education in 2016 as an academic mentoring company for children at school and university. Their focus in education is centred on making children invested in the idea that learning is fun and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Learning should be taken outside the classroom and this philosophy runs through Oppidan’s ethos in all of its teaching, highlighted by their emphasis on confidence and self-worth amongst the children they look after. Oppidan is a tutoring company in structure but a mentoring company in practice and in theory. Their philosophy has worked to prepare children successfully at the club for 11+ yrs, Common Entrance, GCSEs and A Levels; last year was testament to this with over 10-20 children attending the group sessions each morning.

How does the revision week work?

Walter and Henry will be out at Peligoni over the May Half Term, from Saturday 23rd May until Sunday 31st May, providing revision sessions in group study clubs and on a one-to-one basis for children of whatever age, preparing for whatever exam they may have. Don’t be surprised though if your child wants to come but doesn’t have an exam to work towards! This is revision like they have never done before. Their courses are included in the membership and run from 9am – 1pm every day over the half-term break. It’s a balancing act to play to different ages, but great fun to mix abilities and a brilliant way to get to know one another. Practically speaking, we split ages and subjects across different areas, with designated English, Maths, Science & Humanities lessons taking place around the club. The perfect study environment for those who struggle a little more to focus and enjoy their study time, we break subjects down into smaller, more manageable academic activities. Walter runs a maths revision session on the tennis court; students will teach their peers a topic they struggle with via the whiteboard, then success is rewarded with ‘maths tennis’, the challenge being to progress from the baseline to play points when answers are given correctly. Henry tends to focus more on the Arts elements; we’ve had poetry discussions on the pontoon, debate club, essay planning and creative writing workshops. Variety is the key, and using the amazing spaces that Peligoni has on offer to keep their focus throughout. In the afternoons, Oppidan run one-to-one classes for those who want specific attention relative to specific problems they may have.* One-to-one work is by far and away the most productive way to learn. Working with a mentor can inspire confidence and enthusiasm, as well as an appreciation for a subject that often gets lost or missed altogether in a classroom environment. Study can be targeted, student-led, easy going and correctly paced. Peligoni is the perfect spot to enjoy that kind of creative learning.

*One-to-one tuition or mentoring is an additional cost and can take place at the club or in your accommodation.


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