May Half-Term Revision Week

With exams falling either side of May Half-Term, a family holiday might seem impossible! However we’ve partnered with the incredible Henry Faber & Walter Kerr of Oppidan Education to help us tackle the struggle of exam prep with a tailored revision week for teenagers at The Peligoni Club.  To provide a better picture of what the week entails, we asked Oppidan to answer a few commonly asked questions regarding revision at The Club for May Half-Term 2017.

Peligoni May Half-Term Revision Week 2017

How do children of different ages and abilities study effectively in the morning group sessions?

Morning study groups at Peli are really about structure and time management; it’s a balancing act to play to different ages, but great fun and a good way to simultaneously mix the age groups and help them get to know one another. Practically speaking, we split ages and subjects into different areas, using the outdoor restaurant and its spaced-apart tables. We encourage parents to send the children to us at slightly different times, this staggers their arrival and allows us to target and manage effective study time for the morning.

How do you make revision appealing in a beautiful setting, with the temptation of fun all around? 

Keeping our students interested isn’t as hard as you might imagine. There will always be those who want to study and for them, the relaxed setting of working outdoors is plenty. For those who struggle a little more to focus and enjoy their study time, we break subjects down into smaller, more manageable tasks and get them away from the restaurant. Walter might run a maths revision session on the tennis court; students will teach their peers a topic they struggle with via the whiteboard, then success is rewarded with ‘maths tennis’, the challenge being to progress from the baseline to play points when answers are given correctly. Henry tends to focus more on the Arts elements; we’ve had poetry discussions on the pontoon, debate club, essay planning and creative writing workshops. Variety is the key, and using the amazing spaces that Peligoni has on offer to keep their focus throughout.

Why should I consider one-to-one tuition? 

One-on-one work is by far and away the most productive way to learn. Working with a young tutor or mentor can inspire confidence and enthusiasm, as well as an appreciation for a subject that often gets lost or missed altogether in a classroom environment. Study can be targeted, student-led, easy going and correctly paced. Peligoni is the perfect spot to enjoy that kind of creative learning, and Walter and Henry are always on hand in the afternoons for more specific one-on-one needs.

Can I email you before my holiday to discuss my child’s needs? 

Absolutely. The Oppidan Education team are always happy to hear from parents with queries about the Peligoni or otherwise. Walter and Henry will get back to you quickly to discuss on the phone and plans can be made in advance of the holiday.

Can I discuss my child’s development with you whilst at the club? 

After our morning study clubs, we are always on hand at the club to chat to parents and hear about their educational plans. Back in the UK we run a programme of summer camps alongside our regular mentoring and schools advice and are always keen to share our experiences with parents and hear about their concerns. Please do come and find us and we’d be delighted to speak!

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To discuss May Half Term Revision week in further detail – do contact our team on or 0208 740 3001!