Gym, Fitness & Yoga

Enjoy daily workouts and classes in our shaded and fully equipped outdoor gym or take part in a range of yoga classes in one of many peaceful beautiful locations.

Healthy Holidays

The Gym

Located above the pool, the gym and fitness area contains a selection of equipment, free weights, and an open exercise floor. Our fully trained instructor is on hand to help with your fitness needs, offering a range of classes tailored for teens and adults throughout the day.

Personal Training

Everyone has different fitness styles and specifications, which is why our instructor can conduct private training sessions tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s a gym session, coastal run, or in-villa workout you want, we’re happy to make each session unique to you to keep you feeling tip-top throughout your holiday.


Our yoga instructor will be hosting daily group classes and private tuition for our guests. From our shaded gym to the decks overlooking the sea,  classes will always be an uplifting experience in a beautiful setting and involve a range of styles including:


This traditional form of yoga includes standing postures, seated postures and finishing sequences. You will learn how to control your breath and how to work it into the practice. In these sessions you will work on endurance and strength, both mentally and physically, with a lasting effect throughout the day.


 Derived from the traditional Ashtanga sequence, Power Yoga will focus on quick movement through the asanas developing flexibility and core strength. This style incorporates the vinyasa, which is a linking movement between postures that keeps the muscles active and a continuous flow which heats up the body.


 With this class there will be half an hour of varied cardio workouts and others that will target specific muscles groups and then a lovely half an hour to stretch out and release all those endorphins. A class that will test your endurance and let you eat all the ice cream a summer holiday needs!


Get up and out in the morning with an energising walk or run around the beautiful Peligoni resort and enjoy the views. Including a good stretch of the muscles afterwards to set you right for the day.


Sometimes it’s nice to grab a moment away from the boys! In this class we will move through different series of postures in a mindful fashion. Allowing time in each posture and to see how they connect with one another. Build up your own practice and will be a great place to also learn how to put together your own sequences so the relaxing holiday feel never ends! The perfect way to enjoy the sun and detox.


All yoga sequences and classes will be followed by Shavasana or corpse pose. In this asana, you’ll tap into your own energy to come into a peaceful meditation. This will become easier after each class and is always a useful skill to take away with you.


At any time in the day that suits you, our yoga instructor is available to come to your accommodation and teach a private session. In this time, she can focus solely on each individual need and help you reach a more satisfying practice that will leave you deeply relaxed. By telling our instructor what your aims are for the practice and any intentions you have she can tailor a unique combination for you.


One complimentary group fitness/yoga class is included in all memberships, with extra group classes, personal training and private yoga for individuals or small groups available at an extra cost. Please book your classes at the reception. For any specific private tuition requests you’d like to discuss beforehand, please contact the London office and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Additional Group Classes €10 Per Person
Personal Training/Private Yoga €45 Per Person
Groups of 3-4 €25 Per Person

In-Villa Training/Yoga – As Above + €30