North Zakynthos is blessed with beautiful and wild terrain. A perfect spot for exploration on bike.

Greek Island Cycling

For those looking for a rustic cycling holiday in Greece, North Zakynthos offers plenty of charming roads for exploration. The hardcore cyclist will relish the chance to take our incredible road bikes along the multitude of winding roads and those new to the sport will enjoy a host of less hilly routes for easy riding on both our mountain bikes and electric bikes.

Local Exploration

A popular trip is through the port of Agios Nikolaos, up to the hills through the village of Volimes. Here lies an enchanting landscape filled with pine forests, olive groves, local farms and vineyards. You’ll head up to the famous Navagio shipwreck lookout and back along the hills back to the club.

Ride Your Way

For those not so hot on steep rides, our guide will take you along the coast or smaller climbs with beautiful views of the Ionian Sea. Whether you hire a bike for a week or take a guided ride one morning, our on-site bike guide will happily tailor a route to your specifications.

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